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Revolutionise Revenue by Increased Sandwich Café Sales!

You might have a sandwich café of your own if you’re reading this.

Or you can think of starting up with it, aren’t you?

I am going to encourage you. Luckily, I have got to work with so many sandwich makers in the UK and abroad as a marketer. Trust me, I have learnt more to tell you stories that might not end.

Here is where you have to learn that making sandwiches for business is a terrific idea to reach success faster because there is a high demand to it. No such sandwich cafes remain empty or not so frequented in the mornings; afternoons and in the evenings.

To tell you the truth; I was thinking of opening a restaurant of mine too. I keep it as a possibility.

Yes, sometimes, I got a little hopeless and thought maybe I am not born to be a sandwich maker.

But I keep my fingers crossed.

If I get to be an owner of my own sandwich café in the UK, then I am definitely going to try out these ways to make my sales go high up in the sky.

I reckon it is your time to know and use them.

How to Increase Sales revenue for Your Sandwich Shop (without Failing at It)

Before you go on implementing these strategies, you have to learn that the competition in this market is high as its demand.

A sandwich business is pretty common a business right. You have probably got a few within the area you serve. To stand out from them; it is your duty to make unique strategies with a strong statement from you, which is going to keep customers glued to your café and value it over other providers,

Here are a few ways you can follow:

  • Make Sandwiches Faster?
  • Add More Filling and that too Smartly
  • A Happy Hour Will Definitely Work
  • Make Discounts Better for Your Customers & Your Brand
  • Big Events Can Help You Sale More
  • Why Don’t You Offer Something More with Sandwiches?
  • Design Your Signage Better
  • Partner with Other Enterprises or Influencers

Without further ado, let us now get in touch to learn more information more these points:

  • Make Sandwiches Faster?

It’s a turnoff when people wait for sandwiches and you take too long to get it on their plates. I know people enjoy this time when they know you’re grilling their delicacies in the kitchen. But they are just busy people like you and might get restless for the food or for the work awaiting them after the food (or both).

Usually, it takes about 20 minutes or more. Reduce this check in time to 15 minutes.

You will notice an increase in the number of customers. That you deliver sandwiches within 15 minutes can be the talk of the town.

Use it as one of your USPs.

  • Add More Filling and that too Smartly

Most sandwich shops or food businesses are known for their secret ingredients. And you need to do that smartly because you have to get customers loving the end-result.

Of course, you can add three kinds of meat filling or a make vegan sandwiches or burgers using completely natural ingredients (which you should do).

But you need people to like that filling or that secret sauce/ salad you are making for them. First try it out yourself and in your staff members. Make a good research on what people liked in sandwiches in that area from the age-old days. Make some comparative analysis of your competitors and you can come up with a unique strategy.

One pro tip: Don’t stop trying if you failed for once or twice. Keep on experimenting.  

  • A Happy Hour Will Definitely Work

As a matter of fact, the happy hour can actually give you a chance to study your customers.

Don’t believe me? Well, read this below:

Most cafes and restaurants offer happy hours when they see an increase of customers naturally in a particular time of the day. The facility of this hour will intensify this effect and will bring more customers.

But that’s not the real benefit of this facility. With the presence of a happy hour; you are making your already loyal customers happier. They are going to frequent your café more and will request you more with their particular interests for sandwiches they would like. IN this way, you can communicate more with them; know their inclinations; find out more about the locality to increase relevance in your services.

  • Make Discounts Better for Your Customers & Your Brand

Discounts make a difference. And they are one of the most effective options to immediately accelerate your sales programs.

But yes, you have to make your discounts work!

For that, offer grand sales programs. You can also sell free sandwiches or side dishes.

Another idea can be the “buy one get one” offers. Or you can spice it up by adding desserts to the menu for free.

You know your customers and the food you make for them. So, go ahead and don’t be afraid to try out something new.

  • Big Events Can Help You Sale More

Why don’t you celebrate with your customers?

On big days, such as festivals; holidays and in days special for your brand (like anniversaries); spice your offers up with discounts.

You can also make special items or sandwiches only in these festive occasions. It will work as a teaser and that can increase your customers liking for your brand.

  • Why Don’t You Offer Something More with Sandwiches?

Wait, are we speaking desserts?

Not always. You can treat your customers with other perks in the café too.

Install a router and offer them free Wi-Fi. Keep them glued to telly putting up a monitor in your café showing local news or Ed Sheeran singing his latest.

To set up these things real quick; make a budget and look for attractive packages. You can also choose a loan without a guarantor from a direct lender if you want to keep savings out of the picture and use your income to fund the amenities by taking out the loan.

  • Design Your Signage Better

A good work of art can make you stand out from your customers.

Chances are you will see a rapid increase in sales if you have invested enough effort in making your physical or digital signage in an attractive way.

If your flyers are designed to deliver the perfect message to your audience, then you won’t see much of that conversion rates to other sandwich cafes.

  • Partner with Other Enterprises or Influencers

Isn’t it better to affiliate market and bring in other players in the field to make something grand take place?

Well, you can try these following methods.

Reach out to influencers and make them review your café. Many of them make food videos or café hauls. Research online or in social media to get in touch with them.

If possible, host a special show in your café. Check out how Amelia Dimoldenberg created her appreciated show Chicken Shop Date where she interviews celebrities in different fried chicken restaurants.

Add sauces or beverages from other brands to even spice the menu up.

You can think of more strategies.

To Conclude: Try Hosting a Group

Sandwiches are meant to be eaten over a good cuppa tea/ coffee and, of course, an interesting chitchat.

You can add this advantage to your café. Add a table or two in a special room and host book clubs or social discussions or debate rounds or anything fun to host a group.

People are going to love this. As a result, you make them (and their appetites) happy and they will get to know and appreciate your business better.

That’s exactly what you want, innit?  

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