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How to draw Green Goblin Step by Step

How to draw Green Goblin easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Easy drawing tutorial for beginners and everyone. Line Drawings

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below.

Step 1

As always, we start with the skeleton of our character. Outline the head in an oval shape. Then outline the spine as a slight curve. And at the end of the step, outline the arms and legs with simple lines. Don’t forget to trace the hands and feet. Green Goblin

Step 2

In this step, we add mass to the Green Goblin body. But first, let’s draw symmetrical lines on the face; this will help us attract the stripes on the front. Connect the chest and pelvis. Draw shoulders, elbows, and knees using circles. Draw the arms and legs using modified cylinders. Give the hands and feet a correct form in the same step.

Step 3

Let’s work with the face of the Green Goblin. First, draw bing and amnesia eyes. They will look terrifying and crazy. Then draw a hooked nose and a large mouth with sharp teeth. Add some wrinkles to the face. By the way, you can see similar faces and images in our lesson on how to draw Hobgoblin.

Step 4

Here we are finishing drawing the head of the Green Goblin. Draw the shapes of the face – draw the cheekbones and chin. Then draw long and sharp ears. Once you’ve drawn the ears, remove the long hat, tapering to the tip.

Step 5

Draw the body of the Green Goblin. Add a lot of folds like in our example. Draw the bag hang it on the strap. Pull out the thin belt and draw the clothes above the pelvis. Add some folds as you did with the torso.

Step 6

Draw the arms out. We can see parts of the component such as the deltoid, biceps, and parts of the triceps and forearm muscles. Then pull out the long, wrinkled gloves. Accurately draw the hands. At the end of the step, remove the pumpkin bomb, which looks like a Halloween pumpkin.

Step 7

Draw the legs the same way you would draw the arms of the Green Goblin. Accurately withdraw the muscles of the legs. Draw the boots with pointed and raised toes. Add some folds as on all other parts of the garment.

Step 8

The rest only works with shadows. Here we see classic comic book silhouettes. They are very dark and contrasting. To draw such clouds, first, outline the shade and then fill them out. And in the same step, add the texture of the skin (it’s very similar to fish scales) like in our example. The Green Goblin drawing class has ended. Don’t forget to subscribe to our social network and share this drawing lesson because only your support motivates us to work on new drawing lessons.

Step 9

View Scorpio’s head details, delete as needed. Use the rippled lines to draw the edges of the hood and draw parallel “U”-shaped lines on top of the face. Draw a vertical line in the center of the head. details of Scorpion’s face. Draw a curve in the middle to indicate the mask. Use two curves for each eye and a thick curve for the eyebrows. Include narrow ovals to denote the nostrils and a triangle with rounded corners in place of the mask. Draw a curve on each side of the triangle and three narrow rectangles inside it.

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