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Advanced Smile Makeover Procedures Dental Crowns are Used

A happy smile is the key to a happy life. Tooth decay, discoloration, unsightly smiles, and difficulty chewing, and eating are just a few of the unpleasant side effects of missing or damaged teeth, which are unfortunately common life events. One of the most common treatments for chipped or broken teeth among Miami residents is dental crown services

Advanced smile makeover procedures and smile rehabilitation for broken and damaged teeth are made possible by our porcelain dental crowns. A porcelain dental crown service, in contrast to other cosmetic dental procedures, completely alters the appearance, feel, and function of your natural tooth from the gum line-up. A crown can restore both health and confidence to your smile, which is a double-edged sword. 

Each crown is individually crafted to resemble the size, shape, and color that best compliment your smile. Because the design process is very complicated, the doctor is in charge of everything from start to finish. 

What is a Crown on a Tooth? 

One of the most common treatments for broken or chipped teeth is a dental crown. It is made up of a cap that is put on top of the tooth. The cap, which is designed to replace a chipped or broken tooth, has the shape of a tooth. Patients can chew more easily and feel more confident in their smiles as a result. 

By enhancing their smile and making it simpler for them to eat their favorite foods, dental crown services help many patients regain their confidence. 

How Does a Crown Work in the Mouth? 

Dental crowns cover the part of the tooth that has broken or damaged, concealing it from view and preventing further damage. Because dental crowns can made of a variety of materials, a prosthodontist can make sure that each patient gets the best solution for their situation. The process of getting a dental crown usually requires two office visits after the initial consultation. 

Step 1 of Dental Crown Treatment  

The initial preparation done at the first appointment. Because of this, we can make customized crowns for your bite that meet the exact needs of the doctor. The doctor will prepare the teeth for the crown, make an impression to get the information needed to make the crown, and then put in a temporary crown. 

The First Visit Includes the Following Steps: 


The patient will have x-rays taken to check for decay in the roots. A root canal will need to scheduled and carried out if there is significant decay or risk of infection. 

Preparation involves numbing the tooth and its surrounding area. After that, the tooth that will receive the crown filed down to make room for the crown to put in. The tooth will strengthened with filling material and built up to support the crown if it has already broken or severely damaged. 


The tooth is made into a mold or an impression. Putty or paste typically used to make impressions, but digital scanning can also used. To ensure that the crown does not affect the patient’s bite, the impression will also include a cast of the teeth surrounding the crown site. 

Temporary Crown:

The prepared tooth covered with a temporary crown, typically made of resin, to protect it while the crown made. 

The first visit is over at this point. A dental laboratory, either on-site or off-site, will fabricate the dental crown London Ontario using the impressions. 

Step 2 of Dental Crown Treatment  

Following the delivery of the dental crown London Ontario to the dentist, the patient will schedule a second appointment to have the permanent crown fitted. One of the most common treatments for broken or damaged teeth, patients tend to agree that the procedure is relatively quick, simple, and painless. 

After that, the doctor will cover your tooth with a temporary crown that looks good. This will keep your tooth from getting too sensitive and keep your smile looking good until your permanent crown is ready. Your new permanent crown will handcrafted in our state-of-the-art laboratory under the strict supervision of the doctor, down to the exact texture, shade, color, and shape. 

Common Crown Materials Include: 


Dental crowns made of a variety of different metals. A crown for children’s temporary teeth or a crown for their permanent teeth can made of stainless steel. Gold, palladium, chrome, and nickel some of the other metal alloys used. Metal crowns awesome at opposing wear, yet can’t variety matched to a patient’s regular teeth 

Sap – Crowns produced using tar are the most economical yet in addition the least wear-safe. Consequently, they are more likely to malfunction or require replacement. When a permanent crown being made in a dental laboratory, resin crowns frequently used as a temporary fix. 


Ceramic or porcelain crowns are the best at matching a patient’s natural tooth color. Patients who are allergic to metals may also find ceramic crowns appealing. 

Porcelain-Metal Fusion:

A crown made of porcelain fused to metal matches the color of a patient’s natural teeth very well while also adding strength and durability. 

How is the Recovery of a Dental Crown? 

Dental crowns near me require almost no recovery time from patients. Patients can return to their normal activities following the procedure, which only requires a local anesthetic. Waiting for the numbing agent to wear off, during which the patient may have trouble using cups and straws, is the only recovery option. One of the reasons dental crowns are so popular in the Miami area is the short recovery time. 

What Kind of Effects Can Dental Crowns Produce? 

After getting dental crowns, patients say they have more self-assurance and feel less anxious. Patients have also reported being able to eat and chew harder foods, such as those that are hard to chew or sticky. Dental crowns can also prevent infection, bone loss, and other problems by shielding the tooth underneath from further damage. 

Dental crowns

Should I Get Crowns for My Teeth? 

Dental crowns are the preferred treatment for broken or damaged teeth for many patients. Dental crowns may be an option for some patients who meet one or more of the following criteria: 

Dental crowns near me as a Part of Your Smile Makeover dental crowns near me as a Part of Your Smile Makeover Like other types of aesthetic dental treatments, crowns can transform the way your entire smile looks. A broken or damaged tooth that needs to protected, including protection from breaking Broken or a worn-down tooth that needs to restored Dental bridge needs support Tooth implant needs to covered Protect a tooth that has a large filling however, they also play a crucial role in repairing severely decayed or damaged teeth so that they can function normally and last for a long time. 

Cosmetic dental fillings that smaller not recommended for teeth that severely damaged. A crown, in contrast to a restoration, preserves the structural integrity of the entire tooth by encasing the damaged portion. This lets the doctor help you keep your natural teeth but make them look completely different! 

Dental Crowns Summary 

If a permanent dental implant used to replace a missing tooth, the doctor will make a custom-made porcelain crown to put on top of the implant abutment. This gives the impression of a brand-new, distinct tooth. An implant crown, like your natural teeth, can withstand normal use and is simple to maintain. 

Is a Crown the Best Option for You? 

Our comprehensive porcelain crowns are an excellent solution. If you’ve struggled with feeling embarrassed about your smile or if your teeth are constantly chipping, breaking, or wearing away. 

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