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Reasons Why It’s Crucial to Keep Your Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress Forever

One of the best days of your life will be your wedding day. But realistically, aside from the dry cleaning wedding dress itself, you probably won’t get much use out of your wedding dress. You can put it back in the box or hang it up in your closet as a memento of the occasion. In contrast, if you take good care of your wedding gown, you can wear it again on the special day of your daughter’s or granddaughter’s wedding.

Wedding dresses are typically stored in acid-free tissue and a pH neutral box. When it first arrives, we check it for damage like holes and stains. These can be fixed before you preserve the dress, keeping it in pristine condition for whenever you decide to wear it again. In addition, it is folded with care using tissue to ensure that no creases will set in once the box is closed. The box is not permanently sealed, so the bride can open it to let it air out if she so chooses. The bride will also receive gloves to prevent any oil or bacteria from touching the dress.

If you want to know why you should preserve your dry cleaning wedding dress, read on.

Avoid Yellowing or Fading

Your dry cleaning wedding dress gown is susceptible to collecting dust and moisture over time. When this happens, the colour may become dull and even turn yellow. To preserve a wedding gown, the fabric must be treated so that it doesn’t fade or yellow over time. This way, if you ever decide to pass on your wedding dress, you won’t have to worry about it being ruined.

Maintain the Durability of the Stitching

You probably had to have multiple fittings for your wedding dress before it was perfect. Your seamstress will need to make countless tiny stitches to the dress in order to secure the sequins, crystals, lace, and ribbon that were damaged during the fitting process. Small stitches like these can easily deteriorate or even come undone without proper preservation.

Avoid Wrinkles and Folds

You’ll end up with wrinkles and folds if you store your wedding dress away in a box or a closet. Without a professional steaming or ironing, they can be incredibly challenging to remove. Plus, you might need to see a doctor more than once. Preserving a wedding dress won’t stop wrinkles from appearing, but it will make it much easier to iron services out any that have already formed.

Just How Often Should You Have Your Suit Cleaned Professionally?

Wearing your suit for as long as possible is recommended, and professional cleaning can help with that. You want your expensive suit to serve you well for many years. More importantly, a well-tailored suit can be a conversation starter wherever you go.

Check For Marks

Take your suit to the dry cleaners if it gets dirty. You shouldn’t attempt to clean the stain by yourself because you might make things worse. In addition, dry cleaners can clean your suit without leaving any residue or tearing the fabric thanks to the high-tech tools and products they use. Therefore, dry cleaning wedding dress is the solution if you find any stains on your suit.

Dirt And Debris

You might not always need to dress formally. If that’s the case, maybe you tucked it away in the deepest recesses of your closet. This means you should have your suit cleaned professionally. Even if you brush or shake your suit, some of the smaller dust particles may still cling to it. And the only way to get rid of them is with a professional dry cleaning wedding dress.

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