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How to get hassle-free inventory finance in the UK?

Inventory Finance in the UK

Things like raw materials, and goods that are in between the process of production and the final products constitute the inventory for any business. They are critical elements of the supply and chain management system. Now, you can leverage them and get access to inventory finance to keep up with the usual and unusual payouts of the business.

This is a convenient way to untie the capital stuck in inventory. Utilise these funds to purchase raw materials by keeping the same as collateral. This way, the business’s cash flow will remain unhindered and you can get relief from the financial burden.

Instead of paying upfront with working capital which can come in handy in achieving other major business goals, you can rely on this type of funding. It has a different name also i.e. warehouse finance.

This short-term form of financing is here to iron out the indifferences between earnings and expenses in the business. This financial tool lets you possess more stock to amplify sales and thereby ensure the growth of the business.

Any small or medium-sized business can benefit from this funding. They will not have to deal with unnecessary delays that might be harmful for the venture. For a complete understanding of the working procedure of this financing options you must stay here and keep exploring.

Maximise cash flow with inventory finance

This funding usually combines small loans and revolving lines of credit. It helps any business to draw out money to maintain stock and meet any urgent necessities. If the products you produce are perfect for a particular season, surviving is difficult when there are no sales.

Inventory finance does the needful to strengthen the cash flow by helping you to acquire the necessary funds to prevent any downturn. Allocating funds is critical to meet outgoings, investment requirements and to sponsor growth strategies.

They are another form of asset-based funding. Here, your stock will be a security to get funds as new capital for the business. This funding lets you spend money for inventory production by using it as an asset. The different avenues these funds are useful for any venture are:

  • Manage trivial financial hiccups occurring in business
  • Allows you to gather enough stock for the sale season
  • Facilitates purchasing in bulk and leverages discounts
  • Invent and include new products
  • Satisfy the demands of the customers
  • Improving sales by arranging adequate raw materials

Inventory finance is very useful in supporting business operations while keeping the working capital intact for other purposes. If you are interested in evaluating the working procedure of this funding, dive in here.

How to go about the execution of these funds?

The primary reason behind getting this financing option is to improve the cash flow. The idea is to activate the idle capital stuck in inventory and to make the right use of it. Therefore, the items that you cannot sell right now can act as a security in helping you extract the idle money.

You can either approach an online loan provider or a bank for this funding. Here, you can get financial assistance as loans or lines of credit. The former option will let you draw out the entire amount outright.

In this case, you must follow a specific duration to repay loans. Besides, you will have to take care of the interest rates that will accompany the loan amount. In contrast, the latter option lets you withdraw whenever there is a need.

It is up to you to determine the amount of inventory you are ready to put up as collateral. Since the offers from different lenders will not match, you must shop around for the best price. Repaying is not going to be very difficult as you can sell the inventory to meet loan payments.

This finance arrangement allows you to borrow up to £ 500000 depending on the lender you will pick. It would be great if you could collect different types of proposals to see the extent of the loan amount that they can offer you.

Are alternatives to inventory financing available?

As a business owner, you might want to get funds without putting any risk to the assets. In that scenario, getting unsecured business loans in the UK will be suitable for you. This funding option does not enquire about any security but lets you borrow money for whatever purpose.

  • Expansion of business premises
  • Hiring new employees
  • Marketing for your business
  • Developing a website
  • Training your staff
  • Help your venture grow

Apart from this option, you can explore merchant cash advances, invoice financing etc. You can even think of getting loan help based on the amount of revenue your business generates. In this case, you must handle a fixed fee and no interest rates.

What factors are crucial while getting inventory finance?

Despite providing an asset, the finance provider might look into a few details about your business. This is their way to confirm if loan payments can happen within the given schedule or not.

Credit history

It totally depends on the lender who will handle your finance request. Some might be ready to overlook any flaws on the credit profile while others might make it a big issue at the time of providing inventory finance.

Any venture having good credit scores is considered to have a good financial reputation. They are in an advantageous position to receive a positive response from the loan provider.

The age of the inventory

The inventory is after all an asset and its value will fall with time. The current valuation of your present inventory is a must for the loan provider. It is a great idea to consider this financing option when the worth of the inventory is at its highest.

The lender will not have any concerns at the time of providing loan money. Make sure that the value of the inventory is such that it can help you win the confidence of the loan provider.

The bottom line

Getting this financing option is beneficial when your sales record is outstanding. The business’s ability should be convincing in the eyes of the financer who will take the application forward. You might have to let the financing company asses and keep track of your inventory turnaround.

For more such informative articles, visit here.

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