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Ways To Disguise Voice On The Phone

There are several situations in which you may wish to speak more subtly on the phone. You could want to remain anonymous while still listening to the caller. You might wish to pull a joke on a pal who isn’t expecting it.

Whatever the cause, there are a number of techniques you can use to change your voice when on the phone. In the digital age, it is relatively easy to conceal your voice when speaking on the phone.

A fun joke to play is to learn to change your voice. There are many small adjustments you may make that will have significant consequences if you want to alter your voice or the way you talk when you’re on the phone. Also, there are numerous voice changer apps you can use in order to disguise your speech.

So, in this article, we will discuss some technical as well as basic workarounds to help you with disguising your voice.

Several Methods to Camouflage the Voice

Here are the easy ways to create fun or save yourself in a difficult situation that involves you speaking on the phone.

Using voice modifier

Using a voice modulator is one of the most popular ways to mask your voice. You can utilize these variables in the same way that online trolls and gamers have been known to use them to hide their genuine identities.

They give a real-time modification that may be utilized during phone calls or gaming, and they are typically free to download. These speech modifiers are able to alter your voice’s quality to sound higher, deeper, or even like the other sex.

Alter your accent and voice pitch

Based on how you regularly speak, alter the tone and pitch of your voice. If you generally talk with a high pitch but possess a deep, bass voice, you can change your voice’s pitch to a higher one or deepen it.

Once more, practice is necessary in order to successfully alter pitch and tone during a live phone call. The simplest technique to mask your voice is to modify or change your accent.

To build confidence, it’s crucial to practice your intended accent. To make your speech sound natural, use language that you are comfortable with.

Using voice changer software

From the app store, install a voice-altering application for your phone. These programs alter your voice using digital filters; they can increase or reduce it, add tones, or make it seem silly.

Make sure to choose one that permits voice changes while you are o犀利士
n the phone because some just allow it for recordings.

Using text-to-speech feature

Use a text-to-speech app on a borrowed phone. You’ll need a second phone for this one since your primary phone probably won’t play text-to-speech when you’re on the phone.

On someone else’s phone, use the app to draft your message before placing the call. So that the person may hear the text, hold the phones close to one another or place the call on speakerphone. To have the software read your text, press Play in the menu.

Using background voices

Use background noise to mask your voice. Just loud enough music will allow you to be audible over it. You can also utilize other recorded noises, such as the noises of heavy machinery, white noise, static, and traffic noise.

Someone else can assist you by imitating recorded sounds as you speak, such as by humming or producing other noises. Cover the voice input area of the phone with a napkin or any other piece of cloth.

Using helium gas

You’ve probably popped on a helium balloon as a kid or even as an adult. You might have experienced a headache or mild dizziness as a result, but you undoubtedly noticed that it raised your voice to an extremely high pitch.

It’s hilarious and completely alters the way your voice sounds from day to day. Without a doubt, breathing helium would mask your voice.

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Try whispering

Another effective method of masking your voice is to whisper. According to science, whenever you whisper, the larynx sound waves are stretched to the limit, which prevents them from vibrating.

Your regular voice often offers a wide variety of frequencies because of this vibration. This implies that when you whisper, your voice’s pitch and frequency vary, making it sound distinctly diverse from when you regularly talk.


So, to conclude, voice disguising is not hidden from any of us, people use this technique for either to have fun or to save themselves from someone. Hence, in this article, we have included all the ways through which you can easily disguise your voice with your camouflaging skills.


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