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Improve Web Performance

Tips to Improve Web Performance

Frontend Optimization – 7 Tips to Improve Web Performance

Who to slow by front-end development?

However, since new development tools are emerging almost daily, the selection of the best ones becomes a daunting task. To help you with this challenging choice, we’ve compiled a list of front-end development tools to help you get started easily.

Due to technological progress and advanced tools appearing on the market, the creation of new IT products and software turned into a smooth, fast, and enjoyable process. From add-ons and plug-ins to code-optimizing processors – all at the service of the large IT community.

1. Clean up the HTML document

HTML, or hypertext markup language, is the backbone of nearly every website. HTML allows you to format webpages with headings, subheadings, lists, and other useful text-organizing features. With the most recent updates in HTML5, you can also create attractive graphics.

HTML can be easily read by web crawlers, so search engines can be updated with your website’s content in a timely manner. When dealing with HTML, you should strive to write in a manner that is both concise and effective. Additionally, when it comes to referencing other resources within your HTML document there are a few best practices you should follow.

2. Optimize CSS performance

CSS, or cascading style sheets, can be used to transform your HTML-based content into a clean and professional document. Many CSS options require HTTP requests (unless using inline CSS), so you should make an effort to minimize bloated CSS files without eliminating vital features.

3. Reduce external HTTP requests

In many cases, a large portion of a website’s load time comes from external HTTP requests. The speed at which external resource loads can vary depending on the hosting provider’s server infrastructure, location, etc. Your first goal when reducing external HTTP requests should be to examine your website with a minimalist outlook. Study each component of your web pages, and eliminate any features that do not improve the experience of your visitors. These features may be:

4. Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML

Minification techniques can help you eliminate unnecessary characters within a file. When you are writing code in an editor, you likely use indentations and notes. These methods certainly keep your code clean and readable, but they also add extra bytes to your document.

5. Increase speed with a CDN and caching

You can significantly improve the speed and performance of your website by using a content delivery network. When you use a CDN, you link your website’s static content to an extended network of servers across the globe. This is especially important if your website caters to a global audience. The CDN allows your site’s visitors to load data from their nearest server. If you use a CDN, your site’s files will automatically be compressed for rapid delivery across the globe.

6. Compress your files

While many CDN services will compress your files for you if you don’t use a CDN consider using a file compression method on your origin server to improve your frontend optimization. File compression will make your site’s content light and easy to manage. One of the most commonly used file compression methods is Gzip. This is an excellent method for shrinking documents, audio files, PNG images, and other bulky files that have not already been compressed.

7. Optimize your images

For people who are unaccustomed to the ways of front-end optimization, images can be a website killer. Massive photo albums and large high-resolution images on your site can jam the rendering process. High-definition images that are not optimized can weigh several megabytes. Therefore, properly optimizing these will allow you to improve your site’s frontend performance.


Frontend optimization can seem like an intimidating endeavor, but you can greatly improve the loading speed of your website by applying the principles of this guide. Remember, the faster your website loads, the better user experience your visitors will have. Therefore, ultimately benefiting you and your visitors alike. Let us know in the comments section if you have any other great front-end optimization tips

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However, it is not impossible either.  Here are five tips that’ll help you get better at front-end design and web development.

1. Automate!

As a front-end developer, you already have to take care of minute little details that can get overwhelming at times. You have to invest your time in things like Boilerplate, testing, workflow, dependency management, performance, optimization, build, deployment, and so on. Doesn’t sound easy, right?

Take some steam off yourself and incorporate automation into your workflow. While automation can take care of things such as optimization, testing, etc., you can focus on the core areas of front-end development such as HTML, and CSS, creating the client-side software, enhancing the user experience, and so on. By doing so, not only will your productivity increase, but you will also learn to use your time to focus on the areas that’ll improve the overall functionality of your site.  Grunt, Gulp, and Broccoli are some very efficient automation tools.

2. Refactor Your Code From Time To Time.

By “refactoring” your code, you’re only enhancing the code without tampering with its functionality. This will improve the quality and readability quotient of your code and the more often you do it, your code will continually be updated into a cleaner and fresher version of what it was before. Apart from that, one of the most significant advantages that refactoring offers is that it ensures your code remains free from plagiarism.

3. Learning Command Line Is The Way To Go.

It is a standard convention among developers to use GUI tools to power the terminal. What most of them don’t realize is that by doing so, they end up spending a significant portion of their valuable time in handling GUI tools than making progress on the terminal. The right way to go about it is learning the command line. Start with the basics of the command line and advance to higher levels as you go, and you’ll find that you can complete several tasks with much more ease and efficiency with command line tools than with GUI tools. Moreover, automating the terminal with appropriate commands is a great way to save time and energy.

4. Invest In Productive Tools.

The Internet is teeming with a host of web development tools, from browser add-ons to smart plugins, the amount of choices available now is massive! So, why not invest in some really productive web tools that’ll help you improve your front-end designing skills? Tools like Sublime Text, jQuery, Emmet, GitHub, Bootstrap, and Sass are nothing short of a godsend for web developers.

5. Always Be Curious.

A front-end developer has to keep himself/herself updated continuously with the latest news and innovations in the field. You need to take a proactive stand and learn new things about front-end development from informative blogs and videos. CSS Weekly, HTML5 Weekly, JavaScript Weekly, Web Design, Codrops, and ShopTalk Podcast are some of the most informative and useful learning sources for front-end developers. Also, make it a point to attend conferences and webinars. These meet-ups provide excellent opportunities to expand your network and get acquainted with talented people.

While these tips will surely help you become a better front-end designer, in the long run, you must always remember two things while designing your platform – keep it simple and neat, and don’t forget to create your signature style. And for all you peeps interested in making it big in front-end development, Coding Ninjas has the perfect course for you! To know more, drop by our website.

For more Tips please follow this website akshaybhalodiya.com

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