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6 Casual Caftans For Women You Can Sleep In!

Casual Caftans For Women

Beauty sleep is a must for anyone who wants to wake up looking young and refreshed every morning. After all, your entire day is based on how well you slept the night before.

Your coziest mattress, softest blanket, and fluffiest pillow are pointless if you don’t have the right loungewear to wear during the day and sleep in at night!

So, what is the perfect apparel that you can also sleep in? You are right about the money if you have guessed caftans!

Nothing beats vibrant and comfortable caftans for women, a refreshing wardrobe special that is usually neglected during a shopping spree! A bright and glamorous caftan has the power to make loungewear look elegant and chic!

If you’re looking for a brand that allows you to take your style to bed and end the day on the same stylish note that you began, look no further than Especially Yours

Get ready to bookmark this blog for 6 fashion-conscious casual caftans for women you can sleep in!


1. The Luxury of Leopard Caftan by Studio EY

This season, leopard caftans for women are officially taking the front seat, and we are here for it! The floor-length luxe animal print caftans are flattering on all body shapes with the added touch of dramatic sleeves and glam trim!

If you are a trendsetter, you already know what we are talking about!

You can pair this luxurious flowy caftan with a gold belt to accentuate your beautiful curves and sweet dream sunglasses for an effortless poolside look as you sip your favorite drink! 

At night, you can match this luxurious caftan with a matching eye mask to take your sleep-wear game up a notch while also getting ready for a restful sleep!


2. Baroque Print Silky Long Caftan by EY Signature

EY Signature’s Baroque Print Silky Long Caftan is another eye-catching, flowy, silky caftan with a bold print.

We believe every woman must own at least one silky caftan that is luxe enough for a beach day and comfortable enough for a shut-eye. 

The fashionable chevron print with gold designs and a fiery red with elbow-length sleeves will flatter any silhouette! 

You can accessorize the V neckline with simplistic flat gold chains that complement the gold accents on these silky caftans for women. We guarantee you that you can never own too many caftans, from silk to polyester caftans!


3. Encoded Print Silky Short Caftan by EY Signature

If long flowy caftans aren’t your thing, don’t worry because caftans are a gift that keeps giving!

If a short and silky caftan with a graphic glyph-inspired print is more your style, try the EY Signature Encoded Print Silky Short Caftan.

During the day, you can show off your curvaceous body in a braided hairdo and fasten the midriff with a statement belt to highlight those envious curves.

At night, you can go to bed with a beautifully designed caftan that feels soft as a feather and looks effortlessly good on every body shape! 


4. Microfiber Tunic Caftan XII by Studio EY

Nothing says fashionista more than bright hues with simplistic prints on casual caftans for women. When you see Microfiber Tunic Caftan XII by Studio EY, you are greeted by eye-catching prints that exude confidence and comfort with a soft and flowy caftan. 

You can’t go wrong with caftans for women to add a bright pop of color to your ensemble as you pair them with jeans or figure-hugging leggings. 

Pair this flowing silhouette caftan embellished with glittery accents and muted bracelets to run errands while looking playful!


5. Night Lily Print Microfiber Short Caftan by EY Signature

Knee-length caftans for women with floral prints are the perfect way to add a playful touch to your look. The duotone floral print with gold trim on the V-neckline is a popular caftan among women of all ages. 

Throw in fun jewels like drop earrings with your hair in a sleek ponytail to bring focus to your gorgeous neckline. 

Go the extra mile with minimal effort and finish the look with some red bottoms for the day! When it’s time to wind down, you can swap your sleek pony for a floral silk bonnet. Talk about hitting the hay in style!


6. Daydream Print Silky Short Caftan by EY Signature

For this look, we have picked Daydream Print Silky Short Caftan from EY Signature collections that are sure to turn heads. The dreamy print of colorful swirls mixed with subtle gold prints makes it a crowd favorite! 

The boat neckline will look fabulous with a loose curly mid-length wig to show off that gorgeous collarbone.

Not only that, but caftans for women are ultra-comfortable for looking fabulous as you lounge around in style! They are evergreen; nothing beats this style, from a self-care day to a casual stroll outside!


Caftans for women are all the rage right now. Caftans are the way to go if you are looking for a loose-fitting and flowy dress with a million ways to style it. 

Whether you go for a classic boat neckline or a sharp V-line cut, jazzing up these ultra-feminine caftans with jewelry and accessories is a fun way to express yourself!

Caftans for women are everything you didn’t know you needed in your life! You can easily dress it up for the daytime with some strappy heels and switch it with a pair of sandals as you get ready to hit the hay!

Ready to dive into the fantastic world of caftans at the best prices? 

Browse Especially Yours’ exclusive collection of afro-centric caftans for women that are designed with comfort and style in mind! Especially Yours’ caftans are one size fits all and come in three amazing lengths – mid-lengths, knee length, and floor length – as well as a plethora of designs.

So what are you waiting for? Shop from Especially Yours now!

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