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Free Method for Accessing Your Computer Via the Internet

What are the no cost means of gaining access to a remote computer through the web?

I commute to a city that is very close to my house for employment. My manager has recently decided to allow us to work from home for a week. But there are a lot of files I’ll need to use in the upcoming week’s work that are stuck on my office computer. Sending them one by one to my home computer is a huge time sink. I wonder how to remotely control another machine through the Internet for free. How practical is RDP? We’d be glad to hear any advice you have.

It’s clear from the original article that the remote access tool has to be both free and able to operate computers over the Internet. Considering these, RDP is feasible but challenging.

Port forwarding, which is required to utilize Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). Accessing a PC over the Internet might be difficult to set up for certain users. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to gain free, remote access to a computer anywhere in the world.

Extensive instructions on how to access your computer wirelessly from anywhere in the world, free of charge.

This section will introduce you to the free, yet professional. Remote desktop program AnyViewer and how to use it to view a distant computer via the Internet. When compared to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), it excels in the following ways:

  • If you want to connect remotely using RDP, you’ll need the IP address or computer name, but AnyViewer doesn’t.
  • For RDP to operate, both computers must be on the same network, or you must configure port forwarding. But with AnyViewer, you may have remote access across the Internet with no further setup required.

Do visit https://firstworldneeds.com/ to know more about Remote Desktop Protocol.

  • While RDP isn’t compatible with Windows 10 Home or Windows 7 Starter. AnyViewer works with all iOS 10.0 and later devices. In addition to PCs running a wide variety of Windows versions.

The benefits of AnyViewer don’t stop with what has already been highlighted.

Version for iOS. In addition, it is available as an iOS app. Allowing you to access the remote computer from an iOS device such as an iPad or iPhone. 

Requires no human intervention because it is remote. Once all the gadgets have signed in to the same account. You may establish an unsupervised remote connection at will.

Secure. As a result of Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) encryption. Your data is completely secure and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties.

Super-quick and always reliable. Due to the fact that it was designed by a competent technical staff. Your remote connection will be both reliable and quick.

Efficient. You may quickly access common functions like restart or shutting down the computer. As well as the Task Manager and Command Prompt, from the taskbar in the screen’s center.

  1. Get AnyViewer on both PCs and run it.
  2. You’ll need to head over to the Login page and then the Sign-up link. (If you have an account with them already, you can just log in.)
  3. Fill out the registration form with your details.
  4. You will then be able to confirm that has been completed and that you are now signed in to AnyViewer. Once you sign in, your device will be associated with your account.
  5. Initiate the connection between your two gadgets by logging on to the same AnyViewer account on both. Access the remote computer without physically being there by selecting Device, then clicking Remote control.

It’s worth noting that AnyViewer’s free edition gives you access to two remote machines at once. If you need access to more than five machines from your account. The Professional or Enterprise subscription is the way to go.

After you’ve updated your package, Connect’s privacy mode gives you the option to hide the remote desktop. And disable the remote keyboard and mouse. This ability is quite useful if you want to operate your own remote devices. But don’t want others near the machines to see what you’re doing at the moment.


The primary focus of this article is to present AnyViewer. A free program that may be used to access a computer from a distance. It offers some benefits over RDP. Try it out if you want a simple method of linking machines that are part of various networks.

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