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Essential Things to Know About Non Surgical Fat Reduction to Remove Your Fatty Cells

Non Surgical Fat Reduction

Non surgical fat reduction is a technology that uses heat or cooling or an injected medication to reduce fat cells. This reduction method uses a variety of fat reduction options including radiofrequency, ultrasound, injected medication and vacuum massage. Fat reduction is now a day’s an easy process with the help of different methods.

Types of Non Surgical Fat Reduction

Low-Level Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) uses cold laser energy for body tissues that are absorbed by fat cells. This therapy can be applied to the arms, abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body.

During the treatment doctors use a handheld device to direct this therapy into the fat areas.

There are no major side effects of this treatment. The cost of this non surgical fat reduction treatment is approximately 1,500 USD to 1,700 USD for all six treatments.


Cryolipolysis is another type of non surgical fat reduction therapy that utilizes control cooling at 4°C or 39°F to cause cellular death of fatty tissues. After the fatty cells are damaged your body starts removing them through natural absorption.

It is good for people who are slightly overweight.

After the treatment, you may have side effects like redness, tingling, mild swelling or numbness. The average cost for this treatment is between 2,000 USD to 4,000 USD per session. Every session takes about 35-60 minutes.

Laser Lipolysis

Instead of freezing fat cells, this treatment used heat to kill fat cells. Laser lipolysis destroys fat cells from the flanks, abdomen, back, inner thighs and outer thighs. This treatment is an exemplary choice for those who have large amounts of fat in areas like the abdomen and flanks. It is one of the popular methods of fat removal fast.

Common side-effects of laser lipolysis are mild swelling, numbness, tingling and redness. This treatment may be reached at high temperatures, thereby some swelling or soreness may occur for non surgical fat reduction treatment. The average cost for this treatment is 1,200 USD to 1,500 USD for each area of the body.

Non Surgical Fat Reduction
Non Surgical Fat Reduction


Ultrasound or Ultrasound creates energy to liquefy fatty tissues before the doctor uses a thin cannula to remove the fat. This treatment is less aggressive than Laser Lipolysis treatment because the doctor can move the cannula smoothly and easily under the skin to remove fatty cells.

Radiofrequency Energy Technology

Radiofrequency technology is also a non surgical fat reduction purpose for therapeutic heat to skin tissues to remove the fatty cells. It eliminates fatty cells by targeting fatty cells from lying just under the skin with radiofrequency energy. This treatment slims and removes fats from thighs, buttocks and hips.

Once the fatty cells are removed. The lipid fluid is absorbed by the body. This treatment contracts collagen fibres while enhancing your skin tone. The results and patients of this treatment may be varying.


Here was a complete guide to how this fat reduction treatment works. There are lots of different types of products available in the market to choose different types of non surgical fat reduction treatment, choose a treatment by considering this article and know your budget and your need for this treatment. For any query, you can contact your doctor or you can also take any references from your friends or any family members who took this surgery.

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