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Can you take 30,000 Shots this summer

A basketball player could theoretically shoot 30,000 shots in one summer if they dedicated enough time to practice and hone their skills at the basketball machine or if they had a rebounding net basketball to return the shots.

But would it be a wise use of their time?

In this article, we’ll examine the possibilities that would make such an undertaking possible and the flaws in the assumptions made in these scenarios to determine whether it’s possible to take that many shots in one summer.

Why it matters

Simply put, shooting continuously is one of the best ways to develop your skills.

It can significantly affect your game when you return to play. But how many shots are too many in an offseason? It all depends on who you speak to.

If you ask someone who is coaching basketball shooting, they might tell you there’s no such thing as taking too many shots and encourage their players to shoot up as often as possible.

However, some coaches think even suggesting something like that is absolute lunacy. It will instead limit their players to shooting at certain times or in specific drills.

How much time will it take?

It all depends on how many shots you make per day.

A quick online search reveals that most pros shoot an average of 300 per day during their offseason. So, assuming they rest two days per week, it will take them 20 weeks to reach the goal. That said, even if your shooting is consistent for eight hours every day for 20 weeks, you will probably not get through all 30,000 shots in that period.

That’s because the body can only take so much.

So if you plan to go from zero to hero over the summer break by hoisting jump shots at every opportunity until your fingers bleed—you might want to rethink things.

What’s the best way to get started?

Suppose you’re serious about getting better at shooting and want to take hundreds of shots every day, no matter your position.

In that case, your goal should be to spend at least four hours per day shooting jumpers. You can get started by rising early, going to the gym, and taking shots. You can also begin by hitting jumpers right after practice when everyone else is leaving.

Whichever option you choose, keep doing it daily.

The role of shot-making in exercise and skill

Many elements go into helping you achieve that goal of being fit and skillful at your favorite sport.

However, one of these factors—how many shots you take—might be more important than you think. Of course, how much time you spend shooting is also significant. Also, it’s not just about practicing; it’s about practicing smartly. Expert players can shoot 500 shots in one practice session.

However, few people realize that practicing shooting basketballs is an integral part of training to become an expert at it.

For example, suppose you want to improve your ability to shoot a basketball. In that case, there is no substitute for practice, and it’s always better to take more than less if you are serious about it. After all, if you don’t shoot enough to improve your skill level, you won’t be able to reach your full potential as a player.

And that can have significant repercussions for both professional and amateur players alike.

Risks of injury or boredom

Two significant risks are involved in taking hundreds of shots per day: injury and boredom.

First, there’s physical wear and tear. Over thousands of shots, you’re likely to twist your shoulder or back; perhaps your wrist will hurt. It might be hard to keep going if you’re in pain or uncomfortable. Second, shooting that much can lead to boredom; some athletes have trouble focusing when they know they have to do something every day for long periods.

Mixing up your routine can help ease these problems—try finishing each practice with long-range shot attempts or mixing up where you shoot from.


When you see basketball players taking many shots in the gym, it’s easy to assume they’re doing so because they want to improve their craft. But are these high-volume shooters just doing extra work to hone their skills, or are they just wasting their time? Is 30,000 shots in one summer a pipe dream? That’s what this article seeks to answer.

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