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5 steps to repair leaks from inside the home

Before starting with the steps for roof leakage waterproofing to repair leaks from the inside, it is essential to know how to locate them. You may have noticed moisture in a wall or ceiling, but the leak’s source could be elsewhere. One of the ways to locate a leak from the inside is to shine a flashlight directly over the wet surface. Water is a great reflector of light, so the exact point where the leak passes will shine much more intensely.

It is usually easy to detect that a leak’s cause is directly above or very close to it. However, on other occasions, the reason for the humidity is not so clear. The most logical thing is to think that the leak’s exact location of origin is the opposite of its appearance. The simplest method to locate where a leak forms is to observe the water path from the roof on rainy days. The greater the distance between both points, the more difficult it is to locate where the leak begins. For this reason, sometimes it is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the path taken by the humidity, even with the placement of hoses that allow us to observe the path that the water follows. It is important to locate and seal these leaks since they can be very dangerous for the structure and safety of the home.

Tips for repairing leaks from the inside

Once the origin or cause of the leak has been located, it is time to solve it. Remember that repairing leaks from the inside is a temporary solution that will require the help of an expert for a much longer-lasting result. First of all, make sure the leak is very dry. Clean the area with bleach, especially if mold has grown on the surface. Next, dry the area well to begin repairing it. Otherwise, the materials you use for its repair will not be 100% effective.

Here are some methods to plug roof leaks from inside a home:

Roof patch

A good alternative to stop a leak from the inside is to use what is known as roofing patches. Locate the leak as we have shown you, and apply the patch using a spatula to cover the leak well. Finally, seal the area well with putty. A temporary solution for the most serious cases.

Paste soap

This is another remedy that can be used to plug a leak urgently. Mix soap in hot water until you get a homogeneous paste. Wait for it to cool, and apply it to the clean, dry leak. Let it harden, and seal with putty.

Waterproofing spray

This is a method that helps prevent future leaks. Not only does it seal any type of leak, it also offers long-lasting protection on cement, concrete, wood, plastics, metals, etc.

Waterproofing mortars

This solution is especially suitable for isolating the interior wall from the exterior. Its placement prevents water from penetrating the insulating chamber.

Roofing tar

This is an economical product widely used in leak repair. The difference is that this material must be applied from the outside and underneath the tiles. The tar creates an instant barrier that prevents water from seeping into the house.

Finally, the most effective solution must be worked on from outside the home. The waterproofing of the roof using materials that prevent the passage of water into the building.

In any case, the steps to follow are the same:

  1. Locate the origin of the leak.
  2. Clean and dry the area well.
  3. Apply the roofing patch, soap paste, or waterproofing spray.
  4. Use a gun to caulk the area well and spread it with a spatula. Let dry.

A good way to mark a leak for repair is to place a nail in the hole and let the water drip from the roof. At Samz Square Water Proofing, we will help you solve the humidity problems by roof waterproofing solutions in your home once and for all. Contact us to study your case in depth, and offer you a budget tailored to your needs.

Consequences of not fixing leaks

A leak that is not repaired in time can cause greater damage. Leaks in water systems are extremely abrasive and can even pose a threat to the physical integrity of a building or home.

Other consequences of not repairing leaks are:

  • Appearance of fungi, mites, and bacteria dangerous to health.
  • Damage to furniture and other valuable property.
  • Landslides.
  • Dangerous situations if leaks occur near electrical appliances.

As you can see, humidity is much more dangerous than it seems at first glance. Don’t downplay that leak you’ve seen getting bigger over time, and find an immediate solution. It is about having a comfortable home and a healthy one. Damp homes suffer from what is known as Sick Building Syndrome. That is, its air quality is much lower than in other buildings with good ventilation and adequate humidity. Your family’s health and your own are at stake.

Remedy this situation and trust true professionals in the sector.

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