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Benefits of Using Wooden Toys over Plastic Toys for Kids

Toys are more than just a fun thing for children. They are helped to be involved in activity. But, today’s high-tech plastics toys are designed in a way to get children’s attention rather than help them in their personal development.

Wondering what you should do about it?

Introduce them with handcrafted wooden toys.

It might sound like an old-school idea, but research has shown that ethically designed wooden toys are more efficient for cognitive development than flashy plastic toys.

There’s no rocket science to understand that sustainable wooden toys are more close to nature and are mindfully designed by local artisans, hence boosting a spark of creativity in children too than plastic toys.

Still not sure, whether getting wooden toys for kids would be a good idea or not?

Below is the list of benefits of using wooden toys, that might help you to make a conscious decision.

Wooden Animal Toys | Birch Polar Animals | Set of 6

Safe for Your Children

Children love to taste and chew everything they come across. Hence, there is a high chance that they would stick their plastic toys in their mouth and might shallow the broken parts of cheap plastic and metal.

The mindfully crafted wooden baby toys are safer than plastic or metal. And the experienced artisans manually polish every sharp corner of the toys to make them safer for children.

Natural Birch Folk In Evergreen Forest by Amala Earth is one of such eco-friendly toys that are hand-painted with non-toxic paints, ensuring the safety of your children.

Helps in Cognitive Development

Studies have shown that bright colors and flashy lights in plastic toys inhibit the child’s creative brain. The music, bells, and lights overstimulate a child’s brain which might negatively impact critical thinking.

Ethically designed wooden toys help in boosting critical thinking. They help in improving concentration and enhancing focus. These toys inspire your child to be more creative with their imagination.

Interesting toys like Natural Wood Constellation Coins also help them to learn while playing. Introducing such fun educational games to your children’s schedule helps them to enthusiastically participate while improving their cognitive and motor skills.

Saves Some Money

Well, they might look expensive at first, but in the long run, it is such a money saver than the flashy plastic ones. They are durable and do not break easily. Additionally, you do not need to change the batteries of wooden baby toys.

Best for your boy or girl kid, the Wooden Building Bricks is a chemical-free sustainable choice for wooden toys for kids that challenges your children creatively and inspires them to stay away from TV screens.

Wooden Toys are Timeless

Since children can easily get bored with something. You can recreate the wooden toys by repainting them without losing the quality and texture. They can be also used as beautiful home decor and enhance the look of your room.

Helps in Introduce Sustainability to Children

Early education is most important for children that help them in shaping into better adults. The most valuable learning occurs when children learn from their parents. By choosing wooden toys over plastic toys, you might add more value to them.

When you consciously buy Wooden toys for kids, it helps in reducing the plastic waste from the environment and allows you to take a step toward sustainable living.

There are countless benefits of using wooden toys and introducing them to your children. 

If you are puzzled about where you can get the best quality, Amala Earth is the right door to knock on. We have a fantastic selection of wooden toys that your children will undoubtedly enjoy.

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