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Cake smash photography! What things can you ask?

Some trends in photography come and go. Before you blink, it’s something new, and then just as quickly, the hiss is over. Then there’s the cake pop. A trend that keeps making it to the list of memorable babies first year moments to capture. Moreover, cake smash photography needs a skilled professional photographer to capture a wide range of emotions. So why isn’t the cake smash photo popular? Google Keyword Planner highlights more than 30,000 average monthly searches for “newborn photography”, 8,000 for “maternity photography”, 2,500 for “birth photography”, but only 1,200 for “cake photography”.

 What things bother you about cake smash photography?


Before your imagination runs wild, let me clarify what FUD means:


Fear – will the cake smashing session be as EXCITING as the cute newborn cake smash photography session?

Uncertainty – should the photographer or the parents get the cake?

Doubts – will the child actually break the cake so that we (the photographer) can get good pictures?

Let’s break them down one by one. Now that we’re done with my clever jokes, let’s get down to business.

What should be remembered when photographing a cake smash?


Whether it’s a newborn or a cake. The child may be allergic to wheat, eggs, refined sugar, among others. For that reason, photographers always ask parents to bring a cake. This also allows them to choose the design and colors.

Smash Cake Design photographers recommend parents get a professional cake maker. The results are usually much better. I know the cake trend is big, but we don’t need a three-layer cake. A small cake gets the same results at a more reasonable price. Here are some great cake ideas.

Photographer for Cake Smash

Smash Cake Colors: Pink, white, yellow and light green cakes photograph nicely and go well with most backgrounds. I like orange too. It’s vibrant and makes pictures pop. Avoid chocolate, red and blue – the first two don’t look right when wet and the last one is difficult to clean.

Cake Smash photo shoot

Cake Decorations: Use whipped cream or buttercream frosting to make it easy for little ones to dig into. Avoid fondant – it’s difficult to break and can be a choking hazard. Sprinkling? Obviously, if you can get them on the cake without having to modify your design.

Imagine the best cake smash photography images you’ve ever seen!

Follow this trick that has always worked for you for better cake smash photography. Close your eyes and dream. You have a six months -old sitting in front of the cake who will listen and do exactly what you ask! And they dutifully dig in and smash the cake in the most photogenic way possible.

Photo Smash cake activity:

Remember that the baby is just one year old and is often shy about discovering new textures, shapes or tastes. Especially when they are surrounded by adults who make funny noises and clap their hands to spoil them. So get rid of anxiety. Photographers suggest that parents practice at home, before sitting, with a cupcake – frosting on top (preferably the same color) and in a similar environment (ie, everyone is sitting on the floor). This is not a foolproof solution, but it gave me positive results. By the way, a small portion of cake can help reveal possible allergies that parents were previously unaware of.

How do you make the cake smash experience an experience?

After this, it’s not just a cake party! photographers sincerely apologize if this sounds superior, but know that you are guilty of it too. They have to remind people that this is an experience. Possibly the only time we both create and capture memories is during cake smash photography?

Plan a theme:

For cake smashes, the photographer will ask the parents about the child’s favorite toy, book, or character. Then we plan a theme around that. Believe it or not, it’s also easier for parents. Familiar characters mean familiar colors – making smash cake design simpler and available accessories easier to find and buy to add to the setup.

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photos

Remember that the cake smashing session always coincides with the first birthday party. Choosing a theme can also help parents prepare for this memorable event. You will become good friends with them before they even enter your studio.

How should cake smash photography be set up?

Make a list to make it easy to plan effectively:

Cake: Make sure it is at room temperature.

Cake Stand: Always looks elegant, but you have to be very careful. There can be times when the stands break and the cake is ruined.

Extra sprinkles: Trust me, you’ll need them.

Spoon: Just in case, to help baby get started.

You prefer seamless paper that rolls all the way down so that even a baby can sit on it. Yes, you will lose something in the end.

Siblings: Preferably in another room. After all, there’s a delicious-looking cake waiting to be cut. If they’re around, it can be difficult for them to resist kicking, and you can’t blame them for trying.

Make sure you keep an eye on children: Remember that children can move quickly. Keep an eye on the cake and accessories.

Cake smash photography and cleanup plan

Never start cake smash photography without a cleanup plan. Here is a list of things you should always have on hand.

In the studio: I make sure I always have baby wipes, kitchen paper rolls, a brush, a spatula, and garbage bags in my studio.

Nearby: Plenty of towels. Especially in the bathroom or toilet. If you don’t have access to either, experts suggest a small tub. Parents to take along: An extra pair of clothes for all family members involved. Bags for taking dirty clothes home.

Choose the best location for your cake smash photography!

Shooting the cakes is only half the battle. As soon as you’ve found cake smash photography near me, you can edit the photos. Baby grooming involves removing spots, reducing redness, and smoothing the skin. Luckily, photographers have a fantastic collection of newborn presets for Lightroom users.


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