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7 Benefits of Interactive Exercise Equipment

The market size of global interactive fitness is expected to reach USD 7.56 billion by 2028. In a world where more children and adults spend more time playing video games, consuming content on digital platforms, and spending hours browsing their phones and tablets when idle will be very beneficial. Currently, popular interactive exercise equipment uses video games to motivate individuals to pursue physical activities.

Integrating smart technology such as VR goggles, internet enabling ports, cloud connection, and audio-visual stations promotes game-based physical activities. While these promote healthy habits among everyone, they are especially popular with health and fitness-conscious individuals.

Here are 7 Benefits of Interactive Exercise Equipment

·         They are attractive to children

Children and teenagers who spend time on video games and social media because they are immersive and addictive can be reached through interactive exercise equipment to break out of their sedentary habits. Exergaming is a growing trend in the interactive fitness market as participants can play their favorite games while physically active. The beautiful graphics, interesting avatars, music, and choice of playlist encourage youngsters to finish the workout session.

·         Improves physical and mental health

Interactive fitness equipment such as smartwatches and health trackers make individuals conscious of their activity levels and motivates them to move. You can use various interactive fitness machines for muscle building, body weight control, increasing stamina, and developing strength. You can use a wide range of wall-based and floor-based fitness equipment in recovery post medical procedures and help athletes recover from injuries. Group fitness equipment promotes social interaction and overall mental and physical health.

·         You can use it at home or in community fitness centers

You can use interactive exercise equipment such as the elliptical, treadmill, and exercise bike with interactive screen at home or in community fitness centers. Individuals can track their progress and select terrains or landscapes to create simulated exercises. There are alternatives to playing live-action role-playing games by choosing avatars and competing with other players in the game. A wide range of weightlifting machines and projection games use 3D light and advanced sound equipment to create an interactive gaming experience for large groups in a room. Such equipment is engaging and immersive and enjoyed by groups who can play as teams or individually.

·         Design Custom workouts

Trainers can create customized workout routines for their pupils as per their fitness levels, ability, and aim. Physiotherapists and doctors use interactive fitness equipment to track the recovery of patients and increase the intensity of muscle use to help them regain strength. Connected fitness equipment provide AI-enabled real-time feedback by reading the user’s movements. Many types of equipment create workout plans to help users improve their fitness levels. Users can also create a customized music playlist, add the aspects of progress they want to track, and set challenges for themselves. One can also work out with online trainers and download fitness apps to try different types of workouts.

·         All age groups can use it

We design many interactive fitness equipment pieces so that individuals of all age groups can use them. You can adjust the interactive fitness machine’s content as per the player’s age. So, children can play an alien game, and teenagers can play football or tennis, while adults can go on a run in a large circuit. There are many games that people of all age groups can play together. Thus, the entire family can get active indoors, at home while spending quality time together.

·         For an engaging experience

Connected fitness equipment has cloud-based platforms on which members, that is, individuals who own the equipment or are using it, can compete against one another or exercise together. Individuals can benefit from the guidance of fitness trainers and become part of a thriving community of fitness enthusiasts. While they work towards their individual fitness goals, individuals can also be part of a support group and share tips, ideas, and victories together. Since social networking happens on the cloud, the community will be on a global scale.

·         Reinventing the way people workout

The interactive fitness industry is reinventing the way people view physical activity. Some interactive fitness equipment is compact and takes up hardly any space, while others can take up an entire room. With the AI-enabled platforms, these devices come with comprehensive services for providing focused health services for lifestyle management, especially for chronic conditions such as heart ailments, hypertension, or breathing problems.

Wider usage beyond home gyms and commercial gymnasiums

Physical therapists and hospitals can adopt interactive fitness solutions to treat patients in recovery. It is already being used extensively in schools, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, and youth sports centers. It has commercial applications in malls that can create custom marketing messages.

Post COVID-19, interactive fitness equipment has been adopted as it compelled everyone to restrict their workouts to home gyms. The way forward for exercise equipment is internet-enabled and AI-supported.

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