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Why You Choose Towel Radiators – Complete Guide

Choosing towel radiators is the most tricky situation for you. Before going to shop for it, you must explore it online. Just Google, e.g. horizontal towel radiators UK, and read the reviews. Below we will discuss the complete guide to choosing the towel radiators:

Different Types of Heating

The kind of heating system you have installed in your home will determine the type and model of towel warmer you have to put up.

We will go over the three major heating types commonly used in UK homes. This will help you select a towel rail that can be used with your heater.

Central Heating:

The most commonly used type of heating system is in the UK.

Central heating systems are driven by a gas boiler linked to the thermostat. The boiler heats water and then pushes it through a system of pipes into radiators that emit warmth.

If you have a central heating system, you’ll require the “standard” heating towel rail. Like a normal radiator, the normally heated towel rails connect to your central heating system and have hot water running through them, making them hot.

Electric Heating:

The electric heating system is powered via the mains electricity supply, not the gas boiler. Each towel rail or radiator can be turned off individually whenever you require they need to be.

You’ll require an electric hot towel rail if you own an electrical heating unit. This kind of towel rail must be installed and connected to the mains by an experienced electrical engineer.

Electrically heated towel rails can either be non-thermostatic/single heat (the temperature remains the same) or thermostatic/variable heat (the temperature can be adjusted). The heated rail with adjustable temperature settings is likely to be more costly.

Dual Fuel:

Dual fuel systems are a blend of both systems described previously mentioned. It allows you to operate your heating using the gas-powered central heating system or the mains electric supply.

It’s rare for a home to be designed with this heating method. Many homeowners choose to put in dual heated towel rails heated by fuel in bathrooms, kitchens, or en-suites.

A dual-heated towel rail that is heated by fuel allows you to select whether or not you would like it to operate independently of your central heating. This is useful during the summer when turning on your central heating could be costly and inefficient, yet you’d like to be in a position to dry the towels following washing. 

Choosing the Right Size:

Before you decide on the design and design for your towel rack. You need to consider the size of the towel rail you require for your space. It will be contingent on how much space is available and the amount of heat required by your room.

They are measured in terms of dimensions for heated towels. Typically will range from 600 to 1800mm in height and 400-1000mm in length. Other important measurements to consider include how far the rail extends (how far the rail is away from the wall) and the pipe centres (the space between the outlet and the inlet pipes).

The size of the heated towel rail you choose should be based on the energy required to heat your space adequately. To simplify this calculation, look at how big your space is and input them into our easy Heating Calculator. It will give you the heat you require measured in BTUs or Watts.

Selecting a Style of the Heated Towel Rail

Many people find that choosing the design they want to use for the heated towel rail they’d like to put in their residence is probably the most thrilling aspect of the entire process.

If this is your first experience exploring the world of heated rails for your bathroom, you could be amazed at the number of choices. We’ll break down the most commonly used kinds below to help you choose the most suitable choice for the heated towel rail in your home.

Ladder Radiators:

These heated rails in the form of ladders are the most popular and well-known type of towel rails across the UK.

Popular for their sleek minimalist design, they have helped make the perfect transition from five-star hotels to bathrooms all over and down the nation. Consequently, there’s an enormous variety of sizes available.

It’s not just functional; ladder-heated towel rails look stunning in every room they’re placed in, bathrooms, en-suites, and kitchens.

Horizontal Towel Rails:

The heated towel rails are commonly considered only available in the vertical direction, but it’s not the case.

It’s not everyone’s dream to set up a vertical ladder to hang towels. Particularly when dealing with bathrooms that are small or en-suites, as well as downstairs toilets.

In these kinds of rooms in which space is limited. horizontal heated towel rails are truly on their own and serve as an extremely useful feature. Horizontal rads are well-liked for bathrooms style with cabinets or windows.

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