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Why is Inclusive Web Design Important for Your Website?

While website designing many designers forget about inclusive web design that can enhance the functionality of a website and include a large audience. As a result, their audience gets crimped.

That’s why to get more audience you have to understand the importance of Inclusive web design for your website design.

Website page design is basically an activity for designing a website that visitors like. But you need to understand that not every user who interacts with a website is different. So, you can remove assumptions from your website and ensure that no group of website visitors can feel excluded. You can ensure this by using the inclusive design on your website.

Therefore, to know more about inclusive website design let’s read further.

What is Inclusive Web Design Mean?

Inclusive web design removes bias and assumptions from a website so any visitors don’t feel excluded because of demographics, impairments, or other circumstances.

Both accessible website design and UX design are critical components of an inclusive website. Where accessible website design is the process of removing barriers to entry for people with disabilities. On the other hand, UX design is a data-driven approach to design that tests and validates how real users interact with a website.

Because of this, there are various things that come under inclusive design, as it is not just a limitation of the user that could prevent them from fully using or being satisfied with the website. Web designers can also run into problems creating experiences for an exclusive group of users.

Therefore, web designers must consider the following factors:

  • Physical disability related to sight, hearing, or dexterity
  • Mental disorders that affect cognition or speech
  • Situational limitations that prevent the user from fully engaging with the product
  • Technical limitations such as hardware, internet connection, and computer literacy
  • Language and geographic barriers
  • Demographic differences such as age, race, and gender
  • Socioeconomic differences

Web designers have a variety of tools at their disposal to address the accessibility aspect of inclusive design. For example, website accessibility review tools, WordPress accessibility tools, WAI-ARIA guidelines, and more can make accessibility design as well as implementation easier.

However, inclusive web design requires a better understanding of the limitations that users may face on the web. No tool can scan your site and confirm that you have created the most diverse and fair environment possible. This is something you will have to learn to implement and check yourself.

We hope you get a better understanding of Inclusive web design. Now let’s have a look at the importance of Inclusive web designing for your website.

Why Does Inclusive Web Design Matter?

There are lots of reasons for web designers that indicate the importance of inclusive web design for a website. Here, let’s see the major importance of an inclusive web design for your website.

  • Inclusive web design inspires us to provide better product design.

From websites to mobile apps and everything in between, inclusive design forces designers to return to the basics of good, usable, and empathetic design. In the Inclusive web design, you can include all the functionality that can provide a highly featured website. This type of website motivates me to think differently and that is not just easy to access for normal visitors but also a person with a special ability can explore the website.

  • Brands reach a wider audience.

A brand that prioritizes a universally positive experience for everyone and not just the ideal user will attract a more loyal user base that also values ​​inclusivity and fairness.

  • Users feel better when interacting with inclusive designed websites.

People spend so much time in front of screens that problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, computer vision syndrome, and internet addiction disorder are too common these days. Inclusive, ethical design can help users feel better in both mind and body.

  • Inclusive web design improves the rank of a website better in search results.

Google updated its search algorithm a few years ago and named four factors necessary to create the best on-page experience: performance (speed), accessibility, best practices (design and code), and SEO (e.g., alt text). Inclusive design contributes to each of them. As a result, your website gets a good ranking on the SERPs which helps in driving more visitors to your website.

With the above-mentioned importance, you can get a better idea about why an Inclusive web design is good for your website and business. Thereafter, you might be thinking about how to create an Inclusive web design for your business.

Then let me tell you, at the beginning of the Inclusive web design process you have to build personas for your website inclusive design.

Read further to know the experts’ secret of building inclusive web design personas for a website.

How to Create Inclusive Web Design Personas?

Often designers come up with fictitious personas at the beginning of web projects. This helps them visualize and relate to the end user they are building the site for. It also helps them understand how that particular user would interact with the website.

When you include inclusivity in your web design process, your user descriptions will need to adjust somewhat. Typical user personas break down the following:

  • Name
  • Demographic data (e.g., age, gender, occupation, etc.)
  • Personality
  • Voice
  • Objectives
  • Motivation
  • Frustration
  • Fear

Apart from these personas details, you can also be including follow data for your user persons:

  • Ability

This is the accessibility component of inclusivity. You will need to anticipate how some of your users may be limited in how they use and engage with the site – both physically and cognitively.

  • Talent

When you look at the data about how many users are online, you realize that some of your users may not be digitally literate. Deviating from basic structures or layouts and not providing enough context (such as labels in contact forms) could be detrimental to the experience of these users.

  • Attitude

This concerns users who may perceive the website as a dangerous environment. Whether they are overly concerned about their privacy or nervous about encountering malware, these types of concerns should be addressed with recognizable and trusted security and privacy features.

  • Access

Users don’t have to be internet poor to have limited web access. In UNESCO’s study, just over half of the world’s population has access to the Internet at home. That doesn’t mean they can’t get online; it just means they have to find other ways to get it – like going to a library or an internet cafe. Connectivity, hardware, software, and even location can affect access.

  • Localization

It is never safe to assume that every user lives in the same country, comes from the same culture, and speaks the same language as you. As such, these differences need to be addressed when creating inclusive user personas.


Inclusive web design is an all-encompassing term that includes disciplines such as UX design, accessible design, and responsive design. But inclusive design goes a step further to ensure that the result is a universally usable and well-received website.

This approach to web design requires a thorough understanding of the challenges that different people face when working with websites, which goes beyond limitations or disabilities.

The best way to integrate inclusivity into your web design process is first to make sure you are working with tools to help you implement it—like WordPress accessibility features and Elementor. Then update your user persona templates to include factors such as skills, abilities, and attitude. Finally, update your process as you learn more about user experiences and common challenges they face when using the site.

If you are looking for a Website Design Company in India that is an expert in Inclusive Web Design, then Pixlogix Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is the best place for you. Their experts can assist you in how you can improve your business online. And also, how a website design agency can help you connect with your visitors.

So, if you want to connect with your visitors, improve your website quality. For more information, contact an expert web design company today.

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