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Who are the amazing web designers in Kolkata?

If you are in search of web designers who can aid you build a fully functional, appealing, and creative website, then you must check for the creative and amazing web designers in Kolkata. Let us make it easier for you to search for the best person to assist you. Here is the detailed information related to web designers that will guide you in selecting the best person to design your website.

What is a web designer?

A web designer is an IT professional reliable for designing a website’s layout, visual appearance, and usability.

A good web designer ought to have both innovative graphic skills and technical skills. They must be able to visualize how a website will graphically look and how it will function.

The term Web Designer is often mistakenly interchanged with the word Web Developer and vice versa. A web developer is usually more likely to be a software developer who works with programming languages to make a higher level of interactions on a website, such as integrating a database system.

A web designer employs various software, tools, and technologies to build a functional website. They might go for designing navigational elements, using HTML and CSS code, including SEO into websites, and editing and tracking website changes.

Skills a web designer must have

As a web designer, you do not always require any formal qualifications. However, many web designers do have knowledge in other design fields or have formally taken training in web design software through college or self-teaching.

Some of the skills usually associated with web designers include:

  • Visual Design: Comprehending the basics of graphic design is key to being a web designer. You must understand design fundamentals like how to work with color, typography, grids, hierarchy, and more. Using these elements properly will assist you in creating a beautiful and functional website.
  • UX: UX (User Experience) concentrates on how a user interacts with a product like a website, an app, or even physical products like a TV remote or a car. The area of UX is vast and can vary from UX researchers to UX designers.
  • HTML: Most websites consist of three “languages”: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They’re all technical “languages,” although HTML and CSS are not true programming languages, they play an important role in web designing.
  • CSS: CSS is the code that points browsers on how to format the style of the content. You can change the colors, fonts, background colors, and more with CSS. It is where all the pleasure comes in as you make a truly customized website experience.
  • JavaScript: You can code your designs with just HTML and CSS only. Knowing Javascript is no longer a prerequisite for being a web designer. But comprehending the basics of what’s feasible with Javascript will assist you and give you a huge benefit over your competition.


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