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Which Smartphone Manufacturers Update Their Phones the Fastest?

Our mobile app developers San Francisco understand waiting for updates is a tiring experience for all Android users. Because this eco-system is open source, only Google Pixels are the first in line to receive Android updates as soon as the company rolls them out. But don’t get upset. The update times on Android phones have improved significantly over the past few years. So, you’re good to go if you own a recently launched device from a reliable smartphone manufacturer. But do you wonder which brands are the quickest in rolling out updates? It’s important to know this if you are an Android user and wants to stay ahead with the most recent upgrades. So, in this post, our app experts have created a list of smartphone manufacturers who ensure timely updates with their latest devices. Have a look:

1. Samsung

Samsung is probably the most admirable Android phone manufacturer, and its UI is usable, secure, and doesn’t have a lot of bloatware—adding to its popularity. Their flagship devices have been going toe to toe with iPhones for the past decade, and they are still going strong. They even beat Apple in Q1 of 2022 by selling over 73 million phones. This is a major feat because the global smartphone industry at the time had taken a collective drop.

Considering Samsung’s reputation in the market and the fact that they build their devices from scratch—even selling parts to other companies, they get the fastest Android updates compared to other smartphone manufacturers, barring Google. If you own a flagship device from the S, Note, or Flip series, you’ll receive the latest Android update just a month after Google Pixel devices get it.

2. Oppo

Oppo has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years, and it is the third fastest OEM to update its phones to Android 12. It’s quite surprising because Oppo phones normally fall in the budget category. However, the company is now trying its best to compete with big names like Samsung and Google with its flagship devices like the Reno and Find X series. These devices received the official ColorOS 12 update (based on Android 12) just 57 days after the OS’s official release. Also, the software experience is quite reminiscent of that of Pixel devices, making it a cheap and stylish Pixel alternative.

3. OnePlus

OnePlus was deemed to be the next big thing after Apple and Samsung. Despite doing well at first, its popularity has reduced significantly due to the massive increase in competition in the smartphone market. However, OnePlus still doesn’t compromise on timely updates. Its software experience is one of the closest to stock Android. Its current flagship phones, i.e., the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, received the Android 12 update pretty soon. However, there were some bugs in the software. Hence, OnePlus had to pull back the update, remove the bugs, and then upload the version again. Also, budget devices like the Nord CE, Nord N200, and Nord 2 will also receive the Android 12 update soon.

4. HMD

Remember Nokia? Well, its return under the banner of HMD Global didn’t go well. The sales of Nokia smartphones have nosedived, and there have been many reports about HMD Global not releasing stable software updates on time. Many of their devices got Android 11 almost a year after the official release of the software. While that is not a comforting fact, HMD is trying to bounce back and is now 4th in line for the highly anticipated Android 12 update. It’ll come to Nokia X20 first, which is HMD’s current flagship. Then, budget devices like Nokia 5.4, 2.4, 8.3, G20, and G10 will get the coveted updates as well.

5. Vivo

Did you know Oppo, Vivo, and OnePlus belong to the same parent company—Vivo? If you didn’t, well, you know now. Anyways, the enterprise has been experimenting a lot and recently launched two premium camera phones—the Vivo X80 and X80 Pro. Hence, this series will be the first in line to receive the latest FunTouch OS 12 update (based on Android 12). Then, the update will be sent to devices like the X60 series, X70 series, V23 series, and other devices. In total, Vivo plans to upgrade 31 phones to the latest Android version. The company also plans to provide updates to older phones like the V17 Pro. It’s good to see smartphone companies caring about old customers who may wish to hold onto their devices yet want to upgrade the software.

6. Sony

Sony is a giant in the camera, TV, and gaming industry. Sadly, the popularity doesn’t reach its phones. Even though most flagship devices use Sony’s sensors in their devices, the company still couldn’t make an impact in the smartphone market and live up to its name. Its only devices receiving the stable Android 12 update are Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III. While the Android 12 update should come to older devices running Android 11 as well, the rolling out of updates on Sony’s end has been quite slow.

7. Xiaomi

Despite Xiaomi is one of the most popular Android smartphone manufacturers right now, its phones have received the Android 12 update a lot slower than its competitors. Moreover, its sub-brand, Redmi, and Poco haven’t received timely updates either. Right now, Xiaomi has rolled out the stable Android 12 version of its OS on the Mi 11 and 12 series. Other models have to wait a little longer. Xiaomi plans to update 12 devices to Android 12.

8. Motorola

Motorola once used to lead the Android smartphone market along with Samsung. And surprisingly, it still exists in the smartphone market. The company’s decline is the main reason why it is one of the last smartphone manufacturers to receive an Android 12 update. This time, Motorola rolled out the latest version of Android on its premium devices 125 days after the official launch. However, despite the massive delay, Motorola plans to send the Android 12 update to 30 devices.

9. LG

For those who don’t know, LG has shut down its smartphone division. Since the failure of LG G5, the company has never recovered. It was once considered the underdog of the Android industry. But LG soon lost the plot, and sales declined exponentially. Now, LG Velvet is the only phone the company sells right now. Hence, it will be the first and only LG phone to receive an Android 12 update after 165 days of the official OS launch. This is why you’ll find LG phones for low prices these days.


We hope you get a good idea about the companies that are quick to update their apps. So, when you have an app development idea, you know which devices to prioritize.

While your phone might not have received the latest update on time, we’ll definitely provide the best Android app development services while ensuring timeliness. At AppSocio, our app developers San Francisco work tirelessly to create smooth and interactive apps for both commercial and personal purposes. Just place an order online, and you won’t have to wait a lot for our magic.


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