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What is included in the fit out stage?

One of the most common questions that clients have before starting work with full out services is: “How long will the repair take and how will it go?”. This is the second most important question, after “How much does it cost to renovate and fit out an apartment?“. Because the work performed on time is as important as a well-laid floor or evenly glued wallpaper.

Therefore, we have prepared an article for you from which you will learn:

  • What are the main stages of a standard apartment renovation?
  • How long does each individual repair step take?
  • How long will the turnkey repair take?

What is the duration of the repair?

Already at the stage of preliminary planning, before starting the repair, you can predict how long your repair will take. To do this, you need to determine the main factors that directly affect the repair time. A list of these factors is provided below:

  •  The area of ​​the apartment. No matter how trite it may sound, but the larger the footage, the longer the repair will take;
  •  Type of repair (major, cosmetic, etc.) and the complexity of the work. According to the complexity and time costs, repairs can be different types: comfort, standard, business class and premium. Accordingly, the higher the repair class, the more complex materials and finishes will be important during the work. Performing labor-intensive work, and finishing with more complex materials, respectively, require more time and vice versa.
  •  From the composition of the team that performs the work, and the optimization of the work itself. If the team includes narrow specialists (electrician, plasterer, painter), then in comparison with general-purpose masters, they will perform the same work 30% faster. Also, the terms are reduced if some work is performed in parallel, this also requires masters with different specialties. With this approach, competent organization of the process and clear planning are important.
  •  From the presence of a design project. A well-designed project is half the success, as it allows you to optimally plan work, and avoid downtime and other overlays.
  •  The initial state of housing – for example, complex repairs in a new building are faster and easier to implement.

The main stages of repair.

When repairing an apartment, a lot of stages replace each other. Each individual work is a small stage that requires some preparation and must be carried out clearly at the right time. But in general, repair work consist of  4 stages:

  •  Preparatory stage (dismantling);
  •  Rough finish;
  •  Pre-finishing;
  •  Clean finish.

Demolition work.

The preparatory stage is the beginning of any repair. In order to create something new, you need to get rid of the old. In this case, the surfaces should cleaned of old finishing materials, and the walls, ceiling and floor should be prepared for the installation of new ones. The result of the work largely depends on how well the dismantling is done.

The timing of dismantling depends on where the work is carried out. If we are talking about secondary housing in a panel house of a new housing stock, then the work will take up to 1 week. Dismantling in secondary housing in the houses of the old housing stock – up to 2 weeks. In a new building, dismantling last if necessary and takes 2-3 days, depending on the redevelopment.

The amount of preparatory work is determined depending on the initial state of the apartment. Usually, the ceiling is cleaned of paint, the walls of wallpaper, and the floor of carpet or linoleum. The plinth, tiles, electrical outlets, lamps and plumbing (faucet, toilet bowl, sink, heated towel rail) are dismantled. Depending on the design of the project, more serious work is underway. Such as the dismantling of interior partitions or the installation of new openings in the walls.


Dismantling is the first step of repair work and while your apartment is still far from ideal. This is also one of the most “dirty” and one of the noisiest parts of the repair. Therefore, when carrying out work, it is important to strictly follow the provisions of the law on the permissible time for dismantling or other noisy construction work, as well as the removal of construction waste. These regulatory documents prohibit throwing construction waste into the waste bin for household waste and prescribe for a specially designated place for construction waste.

Rough finishing and engineering.

What is it with a not very glamorous name – rough work? The concept of rough finishing includes work related to leveling and preparing the main surfaces (floor, ceiling, walls) for their subsequent finishing, erecting partitions and plasterboard structures, forming doorways, laying plumbing pipes and electrical networks. This stage takes a fairly long period of time – from 50% or more of the total repair period.

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