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What is an exocad download? And what are its functions?

When you are a professional dentist, you may know what exocad download in dental terminology is. A dental exocad download is a software by which you become able to get the 3D image of your tooth. An open digital workflow system called Exocad download enables laboratories and clinics to handle various applications and increase efficiency. However, you can quickly get the exocad download from the google browser and start working on it. The dentists who get their education with the latest technology better know the exocad download’s importance.

One of the most challenging jobs is to be a dentist, and you have fewer technologies to treat the teethes of your patient. Therefore, the exocad download is the best solution for dentists to get a clear picture of the patient’s mouth. In addition, the exocad download has numerous benefits that dentists and patients do not yet discover. The new era dentists better know the importance of the exocad download in their treatments.

The function of exocad download

Dentists do the dental exocad download software for diverse designs of dental prostheses products. When you are the dentist of the new era, then you may know that downloading exocad’s software is reliable and effective, particularly for implantology. Exocad download allows dental professionals to finish extremely complicated implant bar designs effortlessly, considerably increasing work productivity. However, the primary functions disclose after the exocad download and show-off its functions to the dentist. However, you can get a clear exocad image of the mouth and start the treatment by looking into it.

Difference between exocad and 3d

You may know that exocad download is used for speedy operations and is the fastest scanning medium. Dentists need a transparent scanning system for the teethes to picture the inside mouth. Therefore, they recommended the exocad system to get a clear vision and proceed with their treatment. There can be a massive difference between the exocad and 3d; you may have a look to identify the contrast:


It states that the choice of dental system is a question of taste if you browse the many dental forums and groups. And that is how our specialists perceive it as well. While 3Shape is easy to use and offers very close guidance, exocad offers greater creative flexibility and the chance to experiment. Regarding handling, the decision to utilize 3Shape or exocad depends on personal preference and religious beliefs.


Exocad and 3Shape provide data output clearly to dentists and make them see the inner mouth of the patient. It implies that you are free to select your partners and manufacturing service providers with both systems. Third-party items may utilize even if 3Shape’s products have better compatibility. The 3Shape software defines how the scanner will use, whereas the scanner depends on your sales partner, and you only get the software from exocad.

Software modules

3Shape provides much fewer software components than exocad. At least, that’s how it seems when you browse the websites of software developers. However, if you dig deeper into your investigation, it immediately becomes apparent that both systems offer identical information; the only difference is how the modules organize. However, among numerous benefits of topic-specific modules from exocad combined into 3Shape.


The more comprehensive subscription now provides recurring software upgrades and free support and training. Unfortunately, the commercial version of the program is always available with the Basic package, and laboratories are required to pay for maintenance. However, if the operating system and the exocad software are compatible, reserving a permanent license that does not call for the installation of updates is possible. In addition, Exocad provides an upgrade contract that can cancel at any time without incurring any further fees if the design software and operating system are no longer compatible.

Support and service

The reseller from whom you purchase the scanner and software is responsible for supporting 3Shape and exocad. Therefore, service quality determines by the sales partner of your choosing rather than the system. It is possible to alter this over time if you are no longer content with it, but it will take some time. However, 3d and exocad support dentists in different ways so that they can treat their patients professionally.

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