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What Are Cyber Threats and What to Do About Them

From infiltrations of data breaches and infrastructure to the spear-phishing attack and brute force. The online threats are diverse and they don’t distinguish organisations from individuals when searching for targets.

It’s likely that you’ve heard the phrase “cyber threat” used on the news. What exactly are cyber-related threats?

Cybersecurity or cyber-security threat is an act of malicious intent which aims to harm data, steal data or disrupt the digital world generally. Cyber-attacks can be described as threats such as data breaches, computer viruses and Denial of Service (DoS) threats. To fully comprehend this concept, let’s look deeper into the history of cybersecurity.

What are cyber-security threats?

in the 50s the term “cyber” was used to refer to cybernetics, which is the study of the movement and control of animals and machines. The term was later adopted by “cyber” being a reference to “computerized.”

The 1990s were the time for the idea of a new term that was related to cyber. The term “cyberspace” came into use to define an imagined physical space certain people believed existed in the background of the electronic activities of computers.

How can you protect yourself from Cybersecurity Risks?

Cyber-attacks are a huge issue. Cyberattacks can trigger blackouts in the electrical system, malfunction of military equipment and breach in national security information. They may result in loss of sensitive, valuable information like medical records. They can cause disruption to computers and telephone networks or even shut down systems, making information unavailable. It’s not a stretch to suggest that cyber-attacks could affect the operation of the way we live.

The risks are becoming more severe, as well. Gartner states “Cybersecurity threats are present in every business and aren’t always in IT’s direct supervision. Business leaders are pushing forward in their digital initiatives and are making decisions about risk related to technology each day. Cybersecurity risks are increasing and is the security of data solutions.”

The US government is taking cyber-related threats seriously, yet it seems to be taking too long to limit the threat. President Obama’s Office of Management and Budget found that among the federal organizations that it surveyed the 74 percent that were “At-Risk” and “High Risque” for cyberattacks. They were in need of immediate security upgrades.

The US government has suffered many data breaches that have been catastrophic to the system over the past few years. Examples include the huge security breach at the Federal Office of Personnel Management and the theft of secret US Naval codes. Both incidents have been attributed in part to Chinese State intelligence organizations.

Cyber Defence Best Practices for businesses

Best practices for defending your business from cyber attacks include the most basic but crucial countermeasures, such as patching systems. When a technology vendor finds (or is aware of) an issue with security in their products, they usually create code that corrects the issue or “patches” the issue.

For instance, if Microsoft discovers that hackers can get root privileges to Windows Server through a code exploit, Microsoft releases a patch to give it to all users of Windows Server licences. In addition, they must do this at minimum every month.

The Best tools for Enterprise Cyber Security

Many innovative technologies as well as services are arriving on the market to make it easier to build a strong defense against cyber-attacks.

Security outsourcing services

There are a lot of companies that are proficient in security, and have particular expertise in security for enterprises. Prilient Technologies is the best cybersecurity service provider.

Threat Detection Tools

The tools for detection of threats commonly called XDR (extended detection response) are an essential element of a company’s cyber technology stack. 

Crowdsourced attack simulation/vulnerability testing tools

There are many highly-rated, well-vetted firms which offer public-sourced security services. 

Point solutions for device management

There are many excellent options for managing devices. Naturally, at Prey we believe that ours is the most effective. It eliminates a myriad of problems in managing devices across all size of organisations. It offers services that range from devices tracking software, remote wipe and encryption of the disk. Prey is the all-in-one security solution.


It’s an incredibly scary moment for both consumers and businesses who are concerned about cyber security threats. There are definitely threats, and they’re becoming increasingly powerful and frequent. The attackers are diverse and there are many worrying imbalances between the attackers and their targets. But don’t be afraid.

It requires planning and the commitment in terms of funds, however a well-organized Security Operations Team or person who is proactive can be in the know about the cyber-related threats that are most dangerous.

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