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Virtual Meetings vs Virtual Conferences: A Quick Comparison

Virtual Meeting VS Virtual Conferences

The speed and pace at which virtual events have made their way into our lives are unmatchable. Organizations from across the globe have widely accepted hosting their events on virtual event platforms. The reason virtual events have become so prominent is that people have understood their relevance in today’s time. 

Earlier, it was due to the pandemic that the organizations had switched to online platforms; Now, it’s because of their advantages. Since the pandemic left us with no option to connect with the world, then virtual events emerged as the ray of light. Since virtual events are so convenient and easy to host, people still prefer virtual events over physical events, even though we have the option of going back to normal. 

Virtual meetings and virtual conferences are two of the most popular events in the business犀利士
and professional world. There is no denying that
DIY Virtual Event Platforms have allowed the organizations to expand their scale, audience base, and even reach. These Virtual networking platforms allow the attendees to connect with each other and expand their personal networks. 

Apart from networking, virtual platforms allow the organizers to save time and resources. However, there are several types of virtual events, and if you wish to know more about them or host them, you need to understand different types of virtual events. So, what do we understand about virtual conferences and virtual meetings, and how they are different from each other? Let us find out. 


Virtual Conference: 

Traditionally, conferences have meant events where people come together to discuss a particular topic. When it comes to virtual conferences, people from several organizations come together and have formal discussions. Along with having conversations around a business idea, attendees in a virtual conference discuss ideas, plans, and goals. 

Virtual conferences are similar to physical conferences in most ways. However, the only difference is that virtual conferences are held on online conference platforms, whereas physical conferences are in-person events. In virtual conferences, people do not need to gather physically; they just need to log in on their computers. Virtual conferences allow the attendees to connect with each other through the internet, allowing them to make connections with a click. 

Virtual conferences come with networking opportunities and consist of forums, keynote sessions, and other elements. Along with it, where physical conferences allowed only a few attendees to attend the conference, virtual conferences don’t come with such restrictions. The organizers can have as many attendees as they want. 


Virtual Meetings: 

Virtual Meetings are similar to virtual conferences in a few ways; they allow the attendees to interact with each other in real-time. Customizable virtual event platforms come with interactive tools that enable the attendees to expand their networks. Other than that, virtual meetings come with all the advantages of other virtual events and conferences. Some of the common advantages of virtual meetings are instant information sharing, easy transmission, effortless networking, etc. Hosting a virtual meeting comes with several advantages; some of them are money and time saving, eco-friendliness, etc. Since technology has evolved so much, organizations and businesses are relying on virtual meetings to connect and carry out proceedings. Similar to physical meetings, virtual meetings revolve around an agenda, where the attendees connect to discuss an agenda and reach a conclusion. There is no denying that virtual meetings are quick to host and have many other advantages. 

Common Differences Between Virtual Conference and Virtual Meetings: 

  • Generally, the objective of a virtual conference is to connect with speakers from different organizations who share the same interests. The agenda of a virtual conference is to have discussions around a particular topic and reach a conclusion. 

Whereas, the agenda behind a virtual meeting is to discuss problems and reach out for a solution. 

  • Virtual Meetings are shorter than virtual conferences. Virtual meetings generally last between a few minutes to a few hours. Whereas, virtual conferences can last from a day to even two, three days, or even more. 
  • Virtual meetings are of a smaller scale. Whereas, virtual conferences are of a larger scale; they involve international delegates, keynote sessions, and multiple sessions. 
  • The nature of virtual conferences is more formal; Whereas, virtual meetings are less formal in nature. 
  • Since virtual conferences are larger in scale, they require more planning and even days of execution. However, virtual meetings can be quick and instant. One doesn’t need to plan virtual meetings in advance, and they can be hosted quickly. 

Virtual conferences and virtual meetings are similar in a few ways, as they both are an integral part of the organizational and business world. Both require the attendees to come together on a platform and discuss an agenda. However, apart from being so similar, they have their own differences. We hope this guide has helped you understand what these differences are, and how you can be benefitted from both these formats. However, another and most important similarity between both of them is that they are significant in the organizational and business world. 


Kaylee Johnson

I am professional blogger. I am currently researching and writing more on DIY virtual event platforms as they have become the new trend in the events industry. I am finding out the most economical event hosting platforms available in the market. Phone No : +91 70730 55511

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