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Vape Shops guide to buying disposable Vapes in bulk

Vape Shops guide to buying disposable Vapes in bulk: 

When it comes down to running an online vape shop, keeping top-of-the-line products on hand is just half the challenge. Most popular products, especially consumable items, could disappear from the shelves before you have enough time to place an order for more. In addition, occasionally, wholesalers will face similar issues and make it impossible to find the products you require. If you’re seeking to purchase disposable vape Pens wholesale, our staff is Rhyno Supply is always working to make sure we have many high-quality products on hand.

Disposable Vape Pens:

The prohibition on pre-filled pods was precise in the language of the law. The sale of disposable pre-filled pods was prohibited. However, the purchase of disposable vaporizers pre-filled was free of restrictions. It means that a vast assortment of disposable vaporizers has been accessible to help fill in the void left in the pod-based vape market. They are available in many flavors, and we have a selection of Vape pen disposable wholesale products available for shops that sell vapes similar to yours. When selecting the best disposable vapes that you can purchase from the best vape wholesale distributor in the USA for your store, there are some aspects to consider.

Anatomy Of A Disposable Vape:

Most disposable vapes superficially resemble a Juul or another small pod device. They are, in essence, similar to other pods. It is simple to operate through internal circuits that draw instead of buttons and other features. Unlike reusable vapes, disposables do not have a recharging port or removable pods. The entire device is enclosed, and the mouthpiece is the only port. The whole device can be recycled when a disposable has been used up, similar to a discarded vape pod.


One of the main elements when picking the best disposable vapes to provide is the flavors available. Naturally, you’ll want to keep several flavors available so you can appeal to the wide variety of vapers. Each brand has distinctive flavor choices, and some “classic” flavor profiles such as mint and mango are always good to keep on hand. Many disposable vape companies provide “ice” flavors that blend fruit flavors and menthol’s cooling properties.


Another vital aspect to consider regarding disposable cigarettes is the size. The devices are made to be as small as possible, much like those like the Juul and other pods that are compact devices. Compact vape pens allow the users to open new vapes, place them into their bag or pocket, and then take puffs during their day. We’ve tested every disposable model that we have, and they are all small enough to carry; however, there’s a slight difference in size in all of our wholesale vape pen products. The average disposable pen is about the size of the fad Puff Bar or Rip Bar cigarettes.


The life span of a disposable vaporizer is based on two aspects, the battery size and the E-liquid volume. Both of these are directly dependent on the vape’s size. The vaporizers we offer are supplied pre-filled and charged, which means that all users have to do is use the vaporizer when required. To better understand the differences between the different capacities of e-liquids, take a look at some options for refillable disposable vape pen alternatives.

Puff Bar Vaporizer: 

This Puff Bar has 1.3ml of e-liquid capacity. It has an internal battery of 280mAh, which is roughly double the capacity of the Juul Brand pod. That means that every device will be capable of producing around 300 puffs before running out of e-liquid. The dimensions of these devices are the dimensions of 96mm x 15mm and 6mm, which is comparable to Juul, which has dimensions of 95mm x 15mm and 7mm.

Hitt Maxx: 

The disposable vapes have a longer lifespan. Each vaporizer comes with a 6ml nicotine salt e-liquid and a 1000mAh battery. That means that each HITT MAXX disposable can produce around 1500 puffs which are about the same as 7.5 Juul pods. They are roughly cylindrical, measuring 100mm 19mm x 100mm. The slight increase in size may be a little more enormous in storage space in your pocket; however, the longevity is well worthwhile for those who enjoy these flavors.


Particular disposable vaporizers come with extra features, like variable airflow. The ability to adjust your airflow can make it simple for users to alter their vaping experience. High airflow restriction will result in thinner vapor with less volume and result in a thinner vapor. Many models with this feature will include “Twist” within their name, which refers to the airflow adjuster that is twistable, and located at the bottom of the unit. Vapes with this feature are a great option to give those already comfortable with disposables an alternative method to control the ideal flavor and vapor quality.

Optional Refillable:

In addition to providing various disposable products, we maintain numerous refillable pod systems available. Since, these it allows customers fill them up with the nicotine salt e-liquid that they prefer. The majority of these systems can be refillable. Smaller than disposable vaporizers, they typically come with a few extra options.

Like the rebuildable vape atomizer, the coils in refillable pods eventually fail to function. In this event, the whole pod is typically disposed of and replaced. Some pod systems, such as the SMOK Nord, will have easy-to-replace coils that allow users to continue using their pods for a long time and replace the coils when needed. They are an excellent choice for those who aren’t afraid of taking the time to refill their pods and change coils, but they’ll never be able to match the convenience of simply picking up and throwing away the device.

If you’re planning to market these popular products in your vape shop, we’ve got a wide selection of high-quality disposable vapes in bulk on Rhyno Supply. Because we do not have minimum order quantities for all of our merchandise. You can purchase only the disposable devices your shop needs without worrying about having more than you can quickly sell. This process allows shop owners to try out new products without purchasing a large quantity.

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