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Tips for Flying Fox in Rishikesh

Feel the rush as you fly through the air above the Ganges on a thrilling round of Flying Fox Rishikesh adventure. You will glide down a series of ultra-strong wires or zip lines, connected by a harness and pulley, in this one-hour sport. Gather at Shivpuri Village. Two zip lines transport you across the white water rapids at Shivpuri after providing you with safety instructions and essential equipment. Enjoy the view of the majestic Himalayas while feeling the cool breeze on your face.

This is Asia’s longest Flying Fox, measuring 1 km in length and developed by New Zealand experts. Fly with a group of your best friends! The fox is usually done in tandem by three persons. At an additional expense, it is also possible to do it alone. Claim your Dare to Jump certificate after stepping down to the café.

An operator will charge Rs 100 for entry to the bungee jump site.

After a successful booking, the customer will get a confirmation voucher through email within one hour. If the client’s preferred camping rishikesh slots are unavailable, an alternate schedule will be negotiated and a new confirmation voucher will be provided to the customer by email or WhatsApp.

Sign up for a thrilling trip on Asia’s longest Flying Fox. It’ll be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! The Flying Fox in Rishikesh propels you over the treetops at a dizzying 140 kilometres per hour. In a harness, you’ll fly for 1 kilometre through the air from a height of 120 metres (almost 400 feet).

At a height of 400 feet, you’ll climb to the jump platform and receive your briefing before being placed into the harness in a lying-down position. Take a deep breath and lean forward, allowing gravity to draw you forward. And, the ground rushes towards you, you’ll speed through the air, kept in place by the wires overhead.

You can soar at 140 kilometres per hour on Asia’s longest Flying Fox ride in Rishikesh, India. The ride was created by New Zealand professionals, and you’ll be working with seasoned adventure sports fans before going on it. The fox is generally done by three people in tandem, so you’ll be flying with your best friends. You can ride alone for an additional fee, but what’s the fun in that when you can do it with two other people? Soar around the lovely scenery with your friends and shout your lungs out. You claim your Dare to Jump certificate after heading down to the cafeteria.

Other exciting adventures than river rafting can be found in India’s River Rafting Capital. This flying fox adventure is similar to bungee jumping in that it sweeps the adventurers from the ground into the air using a human-made mechanism. People have the guts to go on these incredible trips at least once in their lives.  Rishikesh provides people with a place to confront their fears and justify their thoughts.

Jump in Heights offers a Flying Fox activity on the same Bungee Jumping Platform or higher. The adventure is a little different than Bungee Jumping, but it’s still fun. One is not alone in this situation, but is joined by a maximum of three friends, companions, or family members.

The breathtaking scenery surrounding the leaping platform is breathtaking. Travelers from all over the world have formed lines at the ticket office to partake in this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The candidates are secured by the harness and released from the platform in Flying Fox. The wire is rolled down to a height of roughly 7 metres above the ocean surface and then hauled back when gravity releases them. At a speed of 160 kilometres per hour, the recovery mechanism assures delightful flying moments from the launching point to the lowest point. The tingling feeling inside the body is caused by the chilly rushing air on the faces. With flutter and moans, the amazing trip comes to a close at the lowest point.

The pre-requisites for the flying fox adventure must be fulfilled. Before embarking on this strange flying adventure, keep the following factors in mind:

From the water’s surface, the jump platform is around 80 to 120 kilometres high. It must be avoided by anyone who is afraid of heights or water.

There are age and weight restrictions. The adWho wouldn’t want to be able to fly like a bird? However, few people are willing to take the risk.venturer must be at least 12 years old and weigh between 20 and 130 kg.

The application form must be completely filled out, and the person’s medical condition, if any, must be disclosed.

The applicant must dress according to the guidelines, which include wearing the proper life jacket and helmet.

In most cases, the Flying Fox is operated by three persons in unison. If one wishes to have a solo flying ride, he must pay an additional fee.

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