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Then, we’ll hit 50K followers on TikTok. Here’s How We Made It

Then, we’ll hit 50K followers on TikTok. Here’s How We Made It

Please, please, later has officially reached 50k fans on TikTok.

The Later TikTok account was about two years ago. Trust us when I say it’s been an adventure.

Lip syncs. Green screens. Sea shanties. An album-inspired Nirvana buymalaysianfollowers trend that features the baby of the founder’s founder. We’ve done it.

However, there haven’t been smooth and easy transitions, nor has it seen rapid growth.

In the midst of the great stories or viral successes, we’ve encountered videos that barely got 400 views, suffocated with continuous audio issues as well as (talking from personal experiences) had to battle an extremely severe case of lip-sync fatigue.

I’m Lindsay here. I’ve produced over hundred Later TikTok videos to date and if the discarded drafts will ever appear in the public domain I’m moving off the internet.

However, as the saying goes, every error can be a chance to gain knowledge -We’ve got the evidence to support it.From the good, the bad, and finally to”cheugy “cheugy” -from the “cheugy” to the “good” – from the “cheugy” to the “good” here’s all we learned during the 50K journey:

1. Understand the Assignment

As Later initially joined TikTok After a while, we realized that the meticulously curated world of Instagram could not be translated into TikTok.With fewer filters and rapid-changing trends, we realized we had to share genuine content and authenticity, however, TikTok was a new (and younger) user for us, so finding out what to publish required a bit of trial and trial.Okay, I’m sure it’s you’ve done an amount of trial and trial and.

At first, we recorded video content that we thought would be interesting to a large audience of influencers, small-business owners as well as Social Media Managers.

After examining the people who were responding to our posts, we swiftly discovered that our social media manager customers were the primary target audience, thus we narrowed down our audience. Majorly.

This seemed like a natural match as we were able to connect to their struggles, had a good understanding of their interests, and offered the necessary information to explain the social media tools used by Later.Understanding exactly who your target potential customers are and what content is likely to resonate with them is among the key factors that will make you successful on TikTok.Make sure you’re doing it correctly, and you’ll have surely got the job done.

Did you know that you can schedule and plan everything you want to do with your TikTok content ahead of time using Later? Join today for no cost:

2. Let Loose and Experiment

Experimenting with various types of content is a key feature of TikTok.It’s not always straightforward however, testing various lengths formats, styles, and lengths will be your only chance to find out the best way to engage TikTok users.And Duolingo is a company with more than three million followers, released nearly 40 videos prior to when it became a sensational hit.

We’ve observed that focusing on short interesting, entertaining audio trends frequently

is more effective than a lengthy and lengthy video for announcements of our latest

product features. A brief “teaser” video is sure to spark their curiosity and prompts users to click the link on our bio.

If we’re posting a tutorial or hacking more lengthy instructional videos (upwards of 60 minutes) typically perform the best.It is because our users can master an entirely new technique in less than a minute without ever leaving the application.However, there are no two brands that are identical, this is why being open and playing around with different formats is essential.

#3: Become The CEO of Consistent

“Be persistent” could be the most frequently used phrase in the world of social marketing, however, it’s the only way to long-term results.The month of July was 2021 when our social media team began posting daily throughout the week. After only a few weeks, we began to notice the benefits of this effort, particularly with regard to follower growth.In the past two months the number of followers we have gained by more than 100% and would I even say it? It’s actually enjoyable sharing videos on a daily basis.

Do you want to be more consistent in your social media posts? Schedule and plan your posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter using a single, easy-to-use dashboard using Later.

#4: Search for your TikTok Besties

One of the most important things we’ve learned from growing our Later TikTok account was the importance of the community. That is you must find your closest friends.

Building an audience around your brand’s name is vital for engagement. It also sets the tone for customers to our website.

We typically search for specific terms such as “social media advice” and “social media director” to discover creators in our field who we could follow, interact with, and even collaborate with.

Every like, comment and every view counts for your position in the TikTok algorithm however it doesn’t end there. A vibrant and active community can speak volumes about your business at every level.

 5: Put Your own spin on the Currents

Being aware of the most recent TikTok trends may seem impossible when you’re not aware of how to utilize these apps, they’ll help you with the content plan.At Later We use patterns in two different ways: to advertise Later’s most recent scheduling features, as well as to create a sense of humor that builds community.

The trending nature of the market is a major aspect of our business strategy at Later We are also able to come up with our own unique approach to them.
For instance, The “Drop the Low” dance contest didn’t seem like a good idea for us to be a part of initially however, we quickly discovered a corporate spin that was pertinent:

Don’t be afraid to be imaginative and think outside of the box by incorporating trends adding your own spin will make your content distinguish itself from others.TikTok is unique to every other platform for social networking (no regardless of how difficult Instagram attempts) and we’re learning every day. We’ll probably always remain.When you’re wondering about your choices in life after being entangled Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia in the TikTok tunnel for about 4-6 hours, you’re not the only one. In fact, the description on TikTok summarizes the situation precisely:

The next stop is 100K. We’ll see you at 100K!
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