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Telling you the Importance of a Professional Logo Design in 2022

Let’s tell you first why we used the word professional logo design. A professional logo design is one created by an expert logo designer. You might think about who else makes logo designs if we separately talk about professional logo designs. Well, in recent years, we’ve been introduced to online logo maker applications. These are drag-and-drop applications that let us create logos without us needing professional skills and knowledge. We pick up a template, customize it, add or remove elements, edit fonts and change colors and get a logo ready. It’s that simple.

However, these online logos are not as good as professionally designed logos. What makes them less good than logos designed by experts? We will discuss that in this blog post. We’ll tell you the importance of professional logo designs by comparing them with logos made through online logo-making applications.

Note: If you want an attractive logo design for your business, you can contact any good logo design services USA. A professional logo designer will make your business’ logo.

Drawbacks of Using Online Logo Makers

Before we discuss the disadvantages of using online logo builder applications, we must mention that these tools are helpful too. Firstly, these online tools have made it possible for people to design logos without using professional software like Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc. Secondly, these professional tools are also hard to use, and a person needs to learn them before using them. However, along with a lot of benefits these tools offer us, there are certain disadvantages to using them too. Let’s talk about them below.

1.    Lack of Creativity

If you visit an online logo maker website right now, you will see how it works. We’ve got several pre-made logos stored there. We pick one template and customize it into our business logo. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes it might not even take a complete two minutes, and you get a logo design ready. While there is no issue with the quick logo design we create, there is a lack of creativity. Other people can also use the template we use, and this thing makes logos less unique. If you look at popular brands’ logos, they’re different, and no logo design matches with the other.

Besides that, logo designs made by logo maker tools are not attractive in most cases. They’re not the kind of logos that you stop and look at them closely.

All Brands’ Logos Look Good

It’s because they are all original logos, most of which were created almost a hundred years back. There were no easy tools at that time, and the designer brainstormed and came up with unique concepts to make these logos. On the other hand, logo creation has become easier now since we’ve got the tools to create them in minutes. This most often leads to a lack of creativity and unique design concepts in logos.

2.    You Don’t Get a Free Hand

As you pick up templates and assemble elements in them to form a logo, it’s very less often people focus on the uniqueness of elements without adding several elements to it. Creating arcs, gradients, shadows, and half-cut letters in an engaging way–all this is very less likely to be observed in logos made by online logo maker applications. To use the functions, we mentioned, it’s essential to know designing knowledge and skills. Otherwise, we don’t use these functions and settle for mediocre logos, even when we don’t realize it.

Moreover, these tools mostly don’t even offer flexible tools that let us do whatever we want with the logo. They provide us with basic functions that are limited, and thus, it’s another reason we don’t create many good logos using online logo makers.

3.    Logos Are Not Entirely Free

They are free tools. Wait! Let us explain to you what we meant by saying they aren’t totally free. You can sign up on any tool for free. Pick free templates and edit them to make a logo–all this without spending a penny. After that, you can download your logo image for free as well. However, you don’t get the original logo file for free. A logo doesn’t come in image formats like png or jpg. It comes in a vector file which, no matter how much enlarged, its pixels don’t get scattered. To get this logo format, you have to buy the premium membership of the logo-making tool.

The Good News

While you have to pay them to get the proper logo file, the money they ask for isn’t much. For example, let’s talk about Canva. It’s a web application that lets you create logos along with several things like newsletters, social media posts, etc. Canva Pro costs $6.49 per month, which is less expensive than hiring a professional logo designer.

As A Result

Professionally designed logos are better. When you focus on building a big brand, it’s essential that your logo is good enough. It is a part of your brand identity and thus needs to look attractive. People also like a brand’s logo along with its products and services. Think of your favorite brands. When you think about them, you most probably get an image of their logo in your mind as well. Good products and services, a good logo, and good customer relations together build up a successful brand.

How to Get a Professional Logo Design for Your Business?

You can get a professional logo through several resources. You can search for professional logo designers on freelance websites. There you will get all levels of freelancers, from newcomers, and mid-level freelancers, to industry professionals. You can see their portfolios and hire the one you like the most. Apart from freelancers, you can reach out to graphic designing agencies. They’ve got several packages in which they offer multiple logo designs.

So, choose whatever suits you the most. However, if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional freelancer, you can settle for a logo made by an online logo builder. And later on, you can upgrade the same design into a more attractive logo.

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