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SugarCRM Pricing, Features, and Alternatives 2022

If you are not au fait with the SugarCRM Pricing plans then this article will let you know all this. This Best software has some ultimate plans to endeavor. It’s all up to your CRM business and your needs. But this guarantees that all pricing plans are embedded with magnificent functionalities. 

One of the stepping stones for understanding your customers is SugarCRM software. A versatile tool helps in making your CRM company more powerful. All your departments such as Sales, Marketing, etc can scale worldwide. Sugar software lets you achieve all indispensable goals rapidly. Smart organizations need a 360-degree view of their customers’ behavior and that would only be possible via the SugarCRM system. 

Must use the intuitive Tools of this CRM

All great tools are undeniably valuable for your company. It not only improves your business team productivity, but it is also rich enough to eliminate tedious task必利勁

The software provides tools to automate your Sales work, helps in making Marketing work quite simple, and for Customer service operations. Imagine all this work getting done via automation. No extra manual efforts are required! You would love to see your day-to-day work is managed smoothly and you can focus on other compelling strategies. 

Can I use it from another device?

Whenever you get any query from your customer in CRM, want to update something, access to any document, etc you can use a tablet or your mobile device too. It’s not compulsory to be present at the office to work in CRM. 

Use other devices to manage your office work more efficiently. Moreover, the software syncs with the end number of intuitive applications too. This is a big advantage for a CRM Business because it saves time and increases productivity.  

Every Marketing Report in your hand!

You will definitely fall in your email marketing task when not keeping yourself aware of insights into your campaign. Campaign sharing from SugarCRM means half of the crucial work is over. The rest would be tracking the insights such as open rate, bounce rate, sent an email, Spam, and the list goes on. 

Every key detail is at your fingertips. This is awesome for making business decisions. In-short track all campaign data through this CRM software. Curate or invest according to that to improve your organization. 

Few of SugarCRM Competitors:

  • SuiteCRM software
  • Zoho CRM
  • SalesForce
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot

Guide to know about the Pricing plan of SugarCRM

First off, there are no hidden fees when you invest in any SugarCRM Pricing plan. Have a look at the jotted points given below-

  • Sugar Professional: $52/ per user/ per month
  • Sugar Enterprise: $85/ per user/ per month
  • Sugar Market: $1000/ per month of 10k contacts
  • Sugar Sell: $80/ per user/ per month
  • Sugar Serve: $80/ per user/ per month

Professional plan: The plan provides the functionalities like cloud deployment, Sales automation, Marketing lead management, etc. The plan will always share online support. And yes, it supports the MYSQL server. 

Sugar Enterprise: The pricing plan of CRM offers Studio editor, Sugar logic, oracle support, Email/phone support, etc to the users. A user can monitor revenue-line items for this plan. 

Sugar Market: The top-most marketing plan especially for the marketing team of your CRM Business. It can improve the customer experience and retention by offering: Ads campaign, Tracking ROI tactics, Interactive Dashboard, and much more. 

Sugar Sell: For making better or everlasting relationships with customers, strive for this Sugar Sell plan. It is advanced enough to eliminate extra costs in Sales activity. 

Sugar Serve: You better go for Sugar Serve to give ultimate customer support service. It not only helps in boosting your productivity but is also exceptional for hiking revenue. 

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Outright CRM

Get an Immaculate experience from OutrightCRM software for your business. An affordable, slick, cinch to use for all size business in the market. OutrightCRM sync with dozens of business applications which helps in working faster and make everything uncomplicated. It may also beneficial for improving your team work productivity. And if all these benefits you can grab, it is quite simple to improve profit figure too. You can serve your customer the best and make ever lasting relationship with all of them. Best of all, tracking the customer history is a cakewalk-task for your team.

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