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You don’t have to be a hauler to get more mileage from a trucker. Maybe a cowboy. Like many other working essentials, the jean jacket has evolved from a worn-out old standby of menswear to go for more dress codes than you’d think. But other than that, how do you wear a street style painted denim jacket? This jean jacket outfits guide will help with that. Especially at this time of year, a jean jacket is a terrific option to keep on hand because of its adaptability. Here are various ways to wear a denim jacket to make your message more transparent so you can keep driving.

Denim jacket with chinos

You are wearing jeans on your top half and know that a double denim jacket is hazardous. But doing so is also unacceptable. Come, the chinos. They might be dressy with wrinkles, creases, and tab closures, but they can also be more laid-back.

They are still a trustworthy denim ally because of their military heritage and usually practical cotton-twill fabric. The original khaki, which is technically a color rather than a style, remains a classic match. You may become Don Draper during the weekend by adding a white T-shirt.

With a white text mesh

It is another timeless combination with a denim jacket that is also a part of Americana. It’s more complex than you may assume to get a clean but uncomplicated appearance. Finding the ideal white tee, which can be a Goldilocks-like quest, is crucial to the outfit’s success. It should be neither too slim nor baggy, neither too translucent nor bulletproof, neither too “gunny” nor modest. Neither too much like a dress, too much like a crop top, nor too high on the neck. Thus it becomes an undershirt-cum-garotte not too low so that the clavicle is exposed. The white t-shirt is not fundamental, as someone once claimed.

When jogging

A denim jacket only qualifies as sportswear if you’re a rodeo rider.  More simply, it’s not another jersey preventing you from wearing a full tracksuit or “Tesco tuxedo.”

Although there aren’t many absolute rules in menswear anymore, it’s usually better to avoid cowboy accents on your denim jacket. According to fashion historians, the Old West did not have a significant athleisure movement.

With black jeans

Even if you blatantly break the “distinct shades” guideline, double denim may still look great on you: look at Martin Sheen in Badlands. Of course, the worst-case scenario is when Justin Timberlake appears in your nightmares. But black or blue denim jackets are hard to beat for a foolproof method of splicing jeans.

Other colors of jeans can accomplish the same feat, such as grey and even white. However, the latter has its drawbacks and is impracticable. But always bet on black, much as Wesley Snipes did when he made a cheeky wager on the Rugby World Cup.

With blue jeans

The unwashed indigo denim jacket is slightly more challenging than black jeans, but it’s still not that difficult. For reasons that become clear after reading this sentence, unwashed blue denim will stand much less of a chance of visually bleeding into a lighter and distressed denim jacket than more faded and distressed jeans. But it’s not like wearing two pairs of dark denim can never be done; we remember Ryan Gosling looking very fierce in Drive. However, he is Canadian. Thus he could have an edge due to his native nation.

With a tie and shorty

Yes, you may wear business attire to the office. However, reduce the formality of the other components. Try to keep with your distinctly informal trucker to make the partnership less what the hell: a button-down Oxford instead of a stiff-colored poplin. A knitted tie somewhat of woven silk; chinos instead of tailored pants. Note that even if your denim jacket isn’t noticeably faded, it is still far more casual than any fitted counterpart and could not be appropriate for work.

Under a hoodie

This combination is a backup for any menswear blogger striving to seem feigningly urban. But don’t be deterred by it. A sweatshirt and a denim jacket are the ideal sparring partners since they are both casual, throw-on weekend essentials.

Don’t go overboard in that regard. Stay moderate with the hoodie’s fit, and keep the colors simple. Stick to a navy or grey marl beneath a blue denim jacket and steer clear of the loud logos of the newest streetwear releases.

With custom-fitted trousers

It’s helpful if you can minimize the appearance of contrast between your casual jacket and business-casual pants, much as with the shirt and tie. It might accomplish by smartening your coat with an unwashed dark denim jacket and a few simple embellishments, such as contrast stitching or rivets. Similarly, you might make your pants less formal by using a heavier, knobbier fabric that is closer to denim in color. Alternatively, choose a loose fit, a cropped length, or turn-ups.

With a roll neck

You can sport a roll neck anywhere you can put on a shirt. Pretty much. But before you start knitting, think about the finishing of a denim jacket—flawless indigo or worn-out stonewash—and how it figuratively incorporates with your sweater.

If the latter is too sheer and sheeny, the rough, rigid denim may not go well with it; if it is too bulky, your jacket may look insignificant. In general, layers should become thicker as they travel farther away from your body.

With a topcoat or overcoat

If you want to wear your denim jacket beneath an overcoat, it should fit narrowly like a fitted blazer. When done up, it should barely fit two fingers down it and have a small neck so it won’t interfere with the lapels of your coat.

It is not as out of place as you would imagine because even the sharpest fitted outerwear has a certain amount of toughness by nature. Also, don’t be afraid to juxtapose: camel, which tends to be more formal, may make for a lovely combination. Bonus points if the stitching on your denim jacket matches the color.

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