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SnapPower Lights Installation

Installing SnapPower lights is a beginner-friendly DIY project that takes only a few minutes!

Is there a spot in your house that might benefit from a little nighttime lighting but where purchasing a child’s nightlight seems silly? SnapPower lights are something you must look into!

What Are SnapPower Lights?

When i moved into my townhome four years ago, I first learned about SnapPower Lights. I was seeking for a more appealing option than just purchasing a tonne of nightlights because we had a few rooms that were quite gloomy at night (hall bath, kitchen, basement). These are exactly what we need.

There are various SnapPower Light choices. GFI outlets, three-way switches, double switches, and outlets come in a variety of styles.

The ability to alter the light is one of my favorite features of the more recent SnapPower Coupons Lights. Therefore, if a visitor is coming over who dislikes light while they sleep, they may easily turn it off. Easy as pie!

Best Places to Put SnapPower Lights

There were a few areas in our townhouse where they had a significant impact:

The switch plate for our nursery allows us to enter the room quickly at night for bottle feedings and diaper changes without having to dash into the baby’s crib in the dark or disturb him with the overhead light.

A switch plates in the halls, which allowed us to have a little light there at odd hours. Bonus: Even in the dark, users can always identify the light switch.

Outlets in our bathroom and kitchen. It made midnight bathroom visits and refrigerator raiding so much simpler!

We have attached SnapPower Lights to outlets along the hallway on the second story of our new house. The corridor frequently used at night because it connects both our guest room and the children’s bedrooms. And not having to switch on the overhead light is such a lovely thing.

In order to always be able to see my front door down a corridor at night, we have also installed them at the entrance.

Keep in Mind Your Guests

Your guest room is another excellent location for all these SnapPower lights. Imagine yourself spending the night in your brother’s place and waking up in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water. You get out of bed and trip over the dresser, then you try to safely descend the dark stairway while holding onto the railing, and finally you give up and are blinded by the kitchen light.

Instead, you give the guest room the SnapPower switch light so that visitors can easily get around it at night. So that your guests can easily descend the stairs, you put switch lights just at the top & bottom of the steps. Additionally, you added some to your countertop outlets in the kitchen so people can readily find the fridge.

Such a simple solution to a bothersome issue!

How to Install SnapPower Lights

The SnapPower Lights are really simple to install. You only need a screwdriver!

Simply remove the outdated outlet cover or switch plate.

When installing the SnapPower Light, make sure the small plastic connector is in contact with the screw that runs through the center of your outlet and switch. Whenever the SnapPower Light is turned on, you’ll know it’s in the proper position.

The outlet cover or switch plate screw should then tightened, and you’re done!

That Is Really Easy?

So far, I’ve installed probably Ten of these, and practically every single one was just as simple as I said.

The only time I ever encountered a problem was with a 1950s outlet in our townhouse. To get SnapPower Light will turn on, I had to get it lined up properly with the outlet. After some time, I gave up and put in another outlet.

Just be mindful that in an older property, things might not be as straightforward. That’s it!

These have helped us fix a lot of issues that I didn’t even realize were difficulties. So take one and try it out! Just after you install them, I wouldn’t surprised if you went back and picked up a couple more.

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