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Researchgate.net he will respect you more, and more importantly, he will understand the women in his life who love him dearly and can’t always have it their way. And if he loves you, he will make the best of it. He will allow it.  you to express yourself in whatever way that works for you, and he will try to get on board with your desires, but if you are not comfortable with your new relationship he will move on. Listen to his concerns, they are valid, and it is important that he is honest with you.

Be strong enough to have your own opinions. Ask questions. Be willing to learn, but don’t be a know it. If he asks you a question you have never heard before you must say, “I don’t know”. Don’t try to be his teacher. That will only frustrate him. He must learn on his own. The only thing he should be doing is sharing his life with you.


You must put a high value on him sharing his past, his feelings, his emotions, and all of his experiences with you. Many times he will bring his past up with you, and you should let him do it because those experiences will help to shape who he is today. Let him talk, listen and be quiet. Learn to understand the man in front of you. He is not going to do it for you. And he will be sharing your life with you for a lifetime.

The time will come when he will want to share his thoughts, his beliefs, and his feelings. Then you must be able to listen and make your own decisions without being angry that he asked you. There is nothing wrong with loving another woman.

There is nothing wrong with having feelings for another woman. Why let one bad experience destroy you? There is a huge difference between love and lust.

Just because you have an attraction to another woman does not make her your lover. That is the difference between friends and an affair science.org.au.

The truth

I know, it may be hard to hear, but that is the truth. He may desire her more than you, but that does not mean that he is allowed to do whatever he wants with her.

For me, it wasn’t enough. I wanted him to want me too. But it didn’t matter, he was still willing to share me with her, he was still willing to be friends.


Even though he was still giving me something that I wanted. He was not happy, I could see it in his eyes. But he still refused to see that he had a problem, and even after we were divorced, I could still see the sadness in his eyes. I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to love him as much as she did. He wanted to share me with her.

And that was the problem, he was willing to share with me, but not enough. He wasn’t sharing his life with me the way that I wanted him to.

He was willing to share his other woman with me, but not with me. He was still sharing me with his wife. But I was willing to compromise. I wanted him, and that meant that he had to share me too. I

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