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modern kitchen renovations Perth: Is it Possible on Affordable Prices?

When it comes to home remodeling the kitchen is the most complex as well as the most expensive part of the house that can take a heavy toll on your budget. With all the material and labor costs it might seem impossible to renovate your kitchen while being on a budget, but we are here to tell you otherwise. 

In this article, we will discuss some positive factors that will help in your kitchen home improvement while staying on a budget without cutting the necessary corners. But let’s first discuss some pointers that can affect the Kitchen Renovation Cost Perth of your modern kitchen renovations Perth.

As a homeowner keeping the cost factor within the limit is your responsibility as the architects, kitchen renovators Perth, suppliers, and contractors are just trying to increase their profits as you are trying to increase the savings. What is easier to control is the choices you make when choosing the right suppliers, architecture, material, and other related items. 

Factors affecting the cost of your kitchen renovation project

Any renovation project revolves around the budget. And one of the main aspects is to predict how much cost the entire project can take up to even initiate it further. This can only be done by properly carrying out an evaluation of the work that needs to be done. 

Other than the fees of suppliers, kitchen renovators, architects, and designers, there are certain factors that can affect your total spending. Some of them are given below:

The nature and type of the work

This goes without saying that the type of work or small kitchen renovation you are hoping to get done in your kitchen varies in the costs. Let’s say you want to replace the sink of your kitchen with a brand new ceramic or quartz countertop, undisputedly such work will cost you more than changing the colors of the walls, or replacing some door knobs.

The size of the project

The size or the scale of the project you are aiming for also directly depends on the budget. Whether you have a functional modern kitchen or a 90s vintage one, depending on the type of your kitchen, the renovation project will differ in cost.

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Your taste in designs

Your taste in kitchen designs Perth will strongly influence the amount of money you are going to spend on the renovation project. If you are going to do the basic things such as changing the kitchen island or replacing the tiles or merging the dining room with the kitchen, you need to be ready for heavy spending for such projects.

But if you need just a change of scenery you can keep the old settings and designs, and work with the things you already have to prevent making big cuts on your budget.

Material choice

It is only common sense that the material is going to affect your budget. And so, if you are on a tight budget then choosing materials like quartz and mosaic should certainly not be on your list. Instead, ceramics can be your go-to option for floors and walls, whereas, for countertops, you can opt for stratified ones that are pretty affordable.

Labor costs

If you are confident about the tasks to be done by yourself then you will be saving a lot of money that can go up in flames over the labor. Minimal works such as painting the cabinets or the walls can be managed by yourself. 

However, heavy tasks that can not be done by yourself such as plumbing, building bathroom vanities in Perth, breaking the wall to merge the dining room and the kitchen, and building a Wood File Cabinet require professional help. In every case, professional help will guarantee you quality results, but then again as a homeowner, you can compensate for the cost burden by doing the labor work yourself.

One thing to remember is to never opt for work you are not confident you can do. This is because suppose you initiated installing your floor coverings and made a mistake. The cost you saved up by not hiring labor now will be lost in fixing the problem.

4 ways to lower your kitchen remodel and renovation budget!

Refresh rather than replace

If you want to make a noticeable change in your kitchen by staying under the budget, then the most affordable option would be to go with refreshing and refurbishing items, rather than replacing them. If you want new storage cabinets in your kitchen, but the old ones are still functional without any damage, then you might consider changing the color of the Kitchen cabinets Perth instead of buying the new ones.

Buying new cabinets will be an impulsive purchase when you are within the budget, given below are some ways you can refresh the old and functional kitchen cabinets in a creative way that will make them look like new.

  • Painting cabinets

You can make your kitchen look new and fresh by changing the color of your kitchen cabinets. This is one of the classic methods that are not only affordable but also achievable without the use of any labor.

  • Hardware updates

Change can also be brought about without going much overboard by changing the hardware of the kitchen equipment including the drawers and cabinets. With regular use, the handles and knobs get worn out pretty easily, which can be updated easily with new ones.

  • Refacing

If you have a budget to go a bit higher than just painting the cabinets, you can get refacing done. Refacing can completely change the look and ambiance of your kitchen by replacing the doors and drawer fronts of the cabinets and adding a new shine. It lies a bit higher on the price bar but is still cheaper than hiring a Cabinet maker or replacing the entire cabinetry.

  • Shelving

A good option that can add a bit of a hinge to your kitchen is by adding shelves. Installation of the open shelves can add a new airy effect to your kitchen and give it a modern ambiance. And most certainly it is on the budget.

Refurbish and repair the appliances

In the past, the decluttered appliances were straight dumped in the landfill which posed danger to the environment. Thanks to the awareness of sustainability the municipalities now have put restrictions on sending dumps of appliances to the landfills. 

With the number of manuals and resources available online, you can dismantle and build up any dysfunctional appliance instead of dumping it directly. And when you are set on a budget then you must look at no other option rather than refurbishing or getting your old appliances repaired if you are unable to do it on your own. 

A word of caution is to stay safe and work on the electrical appliances. Only when they are unplugged and are not in touch with the water supply or drain lines.

Do not touch the kitchen layout

Impulsively deciding to change the layout of your kitchen. When you do not have the budget it can not be considered the smartest of options. It will drive up your remodeling budget as fast as possible. And the added costs of labor and architecture. Will add more to the already existing burden.

Even the slightest shifts as moving the plumbing arrangements for the dishwasher. Sink or refrigerator can tell you down with the stress of hiring a professional plumber. And paying his fees with other miscellaneous costs. On the other hand, you can add enough change by just changing. And updating some elements, such as the wallpapers, cabinet colors, shelves, hardware, etc.

Do easy manual work by yourself

Allow yourself to bring down the labor cost by doing some easy manual work by yourself. Simple works such as painting the walls or the cabinets. Putting together an appliance. Or repairing a non-functional appliance by going over the manual yourself can save you big numbers. That you can use for some other necessary items. Or the tasks that you are unable to do by yourself.

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How our carpenters in Perth can help you?

It is always a smart decision to put your hands on such renovation projects. When you have enough savings to fund it well. This is because the kitchen renovation cost can go as high as you wish to extend. However, if you are aiming to sell your house and remodel it. For curb appeal or even just for a change of scenery. There are a number of ways you can tie up everything well. While staying under the fixed amount you have set up.

The Kitchen Renovation Cost will lie somewhere around $15,000 to $45,000 or even more depending on the numerous factors that we discussed above. If we further break down the cost, then it might look like this:

  • For the basic renovation: approx. $15,000
  • For luxury remodeling: $50,000+

If you have enough savings for investing in the project then well and good. But if not budget option will always be your partner in crime. We hope all the tips for saving up for renovation projects will help you rationally. And consciously beautifying your kitchen.

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