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Medium Size Shirt: Get Your Size Right

Men’s shirt sizes might be challenging to comprehend. Different types and sizes may make it more difficult to find a shirt that fits you properly than planning a trip abroad.

Shopping for a medium size shirt shouldn’t be complicated. We’re explaining everything you need to help you better understand sizing and measurements. Continue reading for more details on sizing and measuring, or jump to the quickest way to measure youth medium size shirt.

Men’s Medium Size Shirt – Alpha & Numeric

Shirt sizing can be complicated and confusing. Sometimes you wear medium size shirt, and sometimes a size 15 34/35. That difference is between numerical sizing and alpha sizing. Formal shirts are usually sized numerically for men, but less fitted or casual shirts use alpha sizing more often.

Sizing for men’s clothing is straightforward. Small, medium, and large are all popular choices. However, attempting to decipher male shirt sizes numerically might seem like an impossible task. Here’s what you need to know:

The first number on the size tag refers to the neck size, and the second is for the length of the sleeves. A “15 34/35” shirt size indicates that the neck is 15 inches long and the sleeve extends between 34 and 35 inches.

Numeric measurements are beneficial for business attire since they are more precise than alpha sizes, allowing you to most likely get a more tailored-fitting shirt without the need for any alterations.

How to Measure Men’s Medium Size Shirt?

Numeric sizing isn’t just based on neck and sleeve measurements. Other factors contribute to shirt size as well.

Below are the four metrics you should take into account when searching for a high-quality button-up shirt:

  • Neck
  • Sleeve
  • Chest
  • Waist

How to Take Men’s Shirt Sizing Measurements

It looks like it should be simple to measure your neck, sleeves, chest, and waist. But ask your local tailor, and they’ll tell you there’s a trick.

A gentle measuring tape is ideal for body measurements because it’s easy to wrap around yourself. If you don’t have a tape like this, consider using a thread instead and measuring it with a ruler or stiff tape measurer.

Next, you’ll need the appropriate tools and measuring methods. Here’s what you should know about assessing your body measurements in a shirt:

·         Neck Measurements

The neck is a critical measurement to consider when choosing or making a shirt for men, as it significantly impacts the overall fit and comfort of the garment. However, it can be challenging to get an accurate measurement, as there needs to be enough room for movement and breathability.

First, the measuring tape should be wrapped around your neck. Keep the tape in place while sliding one to two fingers between your neck and the tape for some space to breathe- this is important so you’re comfortable when the collar is buttoned up.

·         Sleeve

Your sleeve measurement is not just the length of your arm. To get this correct, measure the spot where your neck meets your shoulders. Run the tape down along the top of your shoulder and the outside of your arm toward your wrist.

Most people have medium size shirt for each arm. To ensure the best fit, measure both arms and note which is longer. Always buy the larger size if your sleeve measurement is between two available shirt sizes. Too much fabric needs fixing more easily than too little fabric.

·         Chest Measurements

Use the measuring tape. Now wrap it around the widest part of your chest and backside to begin. That usually implies the tape measure will run over your nipples and shoulder blades. Make sure you’re holding the tape level parallel to the ground for an exact measurement.

It’s a good idea to pin the start of the tape between your arm and side as you level it, then wrap it around yourself.

Take a small breath before measuring the finished length. This will allow for a comfortable and non-restrictive fit.

·         Waist Measurement of medium size shirt

Regardless of technicalities, consider your waist the height you would feel most comfortable dressed in pants. If you’re unsure, measure about an inch below your belly button. The tape needs to be parallel to the ground. To obtain a reliable waist measurement, stand naturally and place one finger between yourself and the measuring tape.

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