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Is WPC Without Groove Good?

WPC decking with grooves and wpc without groove are the two types of decking surfaces. The grooved surface faces upward when it is installed to encourage drainage and avoid water buildup. The side with the grooves is downward to encourage airflow and discourage the growth of mold and mildew. Regardless of how it is mounted, using the grooved side has advantages.

The selection of ornamental materials for the outside is just as crucial as that for the interior. Wood plastic composite decking is a practical and long-lasting option that is also affordable, whether you consider it in terms of weather resistance, water resistance, fire resistance, or low maintenance and simple installation. It’s time to select a surface for your deck now that you are aware of the improved performance of wood plastic composite decking.

WPC without groove

Differences between decking with grooves and decking without grooves

WPC without groove

Traditional wood plastic composite decking, embossed WPC decking, and WPC co-extruded decking are just a few of the different types of wood plastic composite decking produced by Unifloor. There are four different surface options for wpc ohne nut : wood grain, deep embossed, smooth, and grooved. It is possible to freely match the four surfaces. We provide two decks with flutes, two decks with smooth surfaces, two decks with wood grain, two decks with deep embossing, one deck with flutes, and one deck with wood grain, etc.

Why is the groove in WPC decking?

A brand-new surface treatment called grooved WPC decking was developed in response to the damp and rainy weather. It was created in an effort to successfully address the issue of slippery decks in wet weather. A highly useful anti-slip composite decking option is grooved composite decking. It increases the safety of the deck surface’s passing. And it appears appealing. Additionally, it serves a useful purpose in that those with poor vision can use the grooved deck to efficiently receive instructions.

Plain surface and grooved surface differences

Plain surface and grooved surface differences

What distinguishes a plain surface from a grooved surface?

Whether the grooved side should face up or down is a topic of debate. The wpc fassadenverkleidung at the bottom of the deck encourages air circulation in the bottom space and deter decay if the smooth surface is facing up and the grooved side is facing down on the majority of decorative decking. Additionally, provide at least 5 mm of space between each deck for ideal airflow; anything less can result in a humid environment.

It will aid drainage and lessen the amount of water that collects on the surface if the surface with the groove faces up and is inclined slightly. However, there is an issue. To put it another way, the grooved surface is a little trickier to clean since dust, filth, debris, and mildew are more likely to get lodged in the grooves than on the smooth side.

The choice of flooring surface is not good or bad; rather, it is a matter of taste and aesthetics. The majority of flooring suppliers advise laying down the cove side so that air can circulate underneath the deck and keep moisture and mold from accumulating. It is advised that the grooves face down for surfaces that need to last since moisture buildup can reduce the lifespan of a deck. Additionally, it lessens the possibility of wood warping.


Everything has benefits and drawbacks, and a grooved deck and wpc without groove are no different. We believe you now have a better knowledge of grooved decks. Your particular aesthetic preferences and practical requirements should be reflected in the sort of deck you select. Unifloor offers you a variety of options as a specialized manufacturer and supplier of grooved composite decking. To understand more about the product and choose it more wisely, compare a variety of characteristics and types.

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