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Increase Productivity and Boost Creativity in Marketing

Few ways to increase productivity and boost creativity

Marketing methods are used by all kinds of businesses these days to reach out to their customers and increase their sales. Before social media came into action, businesses only used to promote their business offline and on TV. But when the majority of the people started using social media, then companies chose this medium over offline ways. As a digital marketer, you can take the help of dissertation writing help to know about other ways businesses use to promote their business.

But as a digital marketer or as a marketer, has it come to your mind how you can be more productive and boost creativity? These days it is very difficult for the business to get the viewers’ attention and hold it. Therefore, companies are always developing creative ways to promote their products and services.

In marketing, constant updating and learning are the two things that companies and marketers need to keep in mind. Each day, companies from different parts of the world are coming up with sarcastic and unique ways to get the customers’ interest. Let’s discuss several ways to increase productivity and boost creativity in marketing.

  • Change the routine– As a marketer, you will first have to change the routine you are in to be more creative and productive. If you have a diverse set of experiences, then it will act as a stimulus. This will make your brain look for different alternatives. Changing in routine means that the start of the day until you go to sleep has to be different. For example, if you are a late riser, try to wake up early and go out jogging. Then you can come back, get fresh and work on your ideas. Changes in your routine can have a vast effect on your creativity.
  • Don’t cut off bad ideas– Don’t think you will come up with a very successful idea after every minute. Ten bad ideas will come to your mind first, and then the 11th one will be one you should choose.

But don’t cut off bad ideas in the first place. Don’t forget that you can come up with the 11th idea because you have already rejected the other 10. Those 10 bad ideas made you think that great idea. If you correctly execute that idea, the then high chances are that it can become a successful campaign. So always encourage bad ideas in any way.

  • See a lot of marketing campaigns– Not all learning comes from books. If you want to be more creative, you will have to watch a lot of creative campaigns. You can access the world these days just with a fingertip. This is why it is suggested that I always try to watch marketing campaigns worldwide.

You will get to know about the techniques modern marketers use to get the viewers’ attention. Marketers focus on these days because they always try to come up with the most creative ad in less duration. They know that viewers these days are too busy, so they cannot take out much time and watch the full ad.

  • Think– If you are a full-time marketer, you will have to come up with different ideas while working under pressure. But don’t let your creative mind get too engaged with work. Always think. Everything humans do is something they have thought about before.

Thinking all the time will also help your thinking skills to improve. It is one of the best and most effective ways to be creative in marketing. Always try to come up with an idea after you see a thing. It can be a building, a dog or a tree. You can follow this process to let your creative mind think more and more.

  • Write down or take photographs– When you travel or go out, always try to take a camera with you. Capture every moment. You don’t know when it can come to use. You can also use your mobile camera to capture things. Later, go through all the pictures you took when you are free. While taking pictures, try to focus on humans and hoardings more than nature. Yes, you can focus on nature when you work on a campaign related to nature.

Whenever a good idea comes to your mind, always try to write it down. In the same way, as photographs, you don’t know when you will need them or when they will be useful to you. Try to keep all these ideas in one copy or pad. So, whenever you need anything new and unique, you can just open that copy and go through all your ideas.

  • Always take feedback– After you are done with the work or come up with a nice idea, always take feedback from your colleagues or your professor. You can also show your ad or talk about your idea to people you know because marketing is done to make the audience and viewers conscious of a particular product, company or service. If the people give positive feedback, you definitely must proceed with that idea. Taking feedback will always help you know about your strong and weak points.


These are the few tips and points you can follow if you want to be more creative and productive in marketing. You need to keep one thing in mind always try to learn new things and regularly watch marketing campaigns. Don’t forget to take feedback from your classmates or your colleagues.

Last but not the least, if you want to know what marketing is exactly about, you can join a learning portal or get enrolled in a course in marketing. In this way, you will be able to learn how you can use your creative mind in marketing.

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