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How You Can Block Hackers from Your Phone?

Block Hackers from Your Phone

Hackers always have a way to breach our phone security system. It doesn’t matter that you are using a smartphone with the latest software that helps fight new malware and viruses. Hackers’ job is to find a way to invade your privacy and steal all of your private files and bank details etc. It’s not an easy job to keep away these cyberpunks. Especially for someone who doesn’t have much knowledge about the latest technology and how to secure their devices. Which makes the hacker’s job easier.

If you are not tech-savvy and scared regarding online safety? We are here today to help you stay safe online and block hackers from attacking your phone. Would you like to sell your old phone because it was multiple times attacked by the virus in the past? Therefore, choose Quickmobile and get the best price for your used device.  

Stop Using Wireless Connections Unnecessarily in Public Places

When you are in a public place and a hacker is somewhere near you. If your hotspot or Bluetooth is turned on, they can easily hack your phone. So if you are not using the hotspot or Bluetooth then turn it off and ensure your phone stays safe.


Never Use an Unknown Wi-Fi Without a VPN

If you are using a public place’s Wi-Fi and someone else is also using the same services, that person can keep track of all of your online activities. Especially never make an online payment using public Wi-Fi. It will lead to your bank details getting stolen by a stranger.


Update the Software and Apps

From time to time companies fix the bugs in their software and launch an updated version. As soon as you can download the latest version to prevent any virus from attacking your phone.  

Never Leave Your Phone Unattended in Public Place

A lot of people use the washroom while they are in a restaurant or even forget it on the table sometimes. It can also happen in the workplace that girls leave their handbags unattended on their desks. This allows someone to unlock your mobile phone and download a virus on it. Also, don’t let a stranger manipulate you into using your phone only to use it against you.


Use a Powerful Password and Pin

Never use a predictable password that anyone can easily guess. Try to make your unique password or use something that anyone can never guess. Also, use a number in between the alphabets to make it more unpredictable.


Turn on Multi-factor Authentication Online Account

This will provide much-needed additional security for your phone. When someone tries to break your online account, you will get a notification.


Stop Downloading Apps from Unauthorized Websites and Third-Party Source

Usually, these websites and third-party sources always carry a virus or malware. So when you put up the task to download an app or a file it will automatically download that malware as well.


Do not a Link that was Sent from Unknown Resources

Some hackers like to send links under the guise to warn you about something and want to help you to stop unnecessary inconvenience in the future. Never trust these random number messages. Unless the official number or page asks you something to do. Because these unknown links carry malware to steal money from your bank account or your details.


Check your Apps Regularly

When you go through an unauthorized website or open a link from an unknown number. It may lead your phone to download an app automatically so that it will give the hacker access to your phone. So keep on regularly checking your apps and files and see if you find something that you don’t remember downloading. If you find an unusual file or app uninstall it right away and run a security check on your phone to see if it caught any virus and secure it.


Download Anti-Virus Software or App

Running daily Anti-virus scans on your phone is important so that your phone always detects a virus on your phone before it can attack your phone and remove it right away and secure your device.


Do Not Share Password and Pin Numbers

Sharing your password and pins can be used against you all the time. In a way, your password and pins are useless once you share them with someone outside your family. That person can use them to invade your phone privacy. Specifically, sharing your OTP can lead to dangerous consequences.


Final Verdict:-

When you are taking advanced safety measures. It can make any hacker’s job tough and they will never be able to gain access to your phone. Damaged phones are more prone to catching viruses and other stuff since they don’t let the anti-virus software work at its full capacity. The best solution that we suggest is using Quickmobile mobile repair services at reasonable prices and saving your phone from future virus attacks.

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