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How To Remove Crease Lines With A Steamer

We often find out that after keeping a cloth in the wardrobe for too long, nature leaves some stubborn marks on it. Now for a random fabric like lawn, cotton, or even silk, you can iron the garment and solve the issue. 

This way, you can look just on point without worry. However, with fabrics like jeans, wool, or yarn, it’s not so easy. Wool usually isn’t friendly with ironing. However, sometimes it’s the only option left. In this article, we’ll share tips and tricks for removing wool crease lines with you. 

Not only that, but we will guide you on how to use a clothing steamer on any fabric. Steamers are a great idea for removing creases from sensitive materials. You can even use them on your custom handmade crafts without a worry! 

Now let’s dive into the details of using a steamer to remove crease lines. Scroll below and give a complete read to this guide! 


Using A Steamer On Sensitive Clothing


Steamers are not an alternative to irons. You can view them as an essential that should ideally come with iron. They use steam (made from water) to remove stubborn creases from fabric. 

However, since some kinds of risks are associated with cloth steaming, we recommend you buy a quality steamer. Different intensities for every fabric are the primary setting you should look for in a steamer. 

The more sensitive you think your cloth is, the more delicate warmth your steamer gives it. Some basic advantages a steamer can offer your custom handmade crafts are: 


  • Good for clothing with drape
  • Easy to use for even beginners
  • Preserves the quality of a delicate fabric
  • Quick at removing creases
  • Different setting options for different types of fabrics


The first step to using a steamer is to fill it with water. Now, if you add tap water or salty water, that might hurt your fabric. It’s almost like washing your clothes with unclean water! Thus, we recommend you to fill distilled or filtered water in the steamer. 

Next, let it take its time to heat, and see when the steam starts coming out. When it does, you still need to wait a few minutes if your steamer has been in use often before. This helps in allowing for some steam to pass out freely and removes any excess old water left in. 

It’s good to keep your custom handmade crafts safe! However, this isn’t the case with a brand new steamer. 

Other Ways To Remove Creases 


There are ways other than using a clothing steamer to remove creases. Whether you’re working with wool or any different fabric, these methods can always work: 

  1. Hang your clothes straight for some hours (perhaps in a wet, humid place)
  2. Use a steam iron. However, don’t tap the iron on the cloth. Just hover with it and see if that works. 
  3. Rub some soap (bar) inside of the cloth and clean it with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Then iron the material from above. This can work for a fabric like jeans. 


Final Verdict

So now that you know how to use a steamer, buy one! You can use these techniques on materials from God’s Handmade Craft anytime! 

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