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How To Make Your Pool More Fun

Don’t wait another second to enjoy all the pleasure your pool has to offer now that summer’s here. If you’re the one who cleans and maintains the pool, for some people the excitement of pool ownership may fade after a while.

Pool Accessories

This year, make a commitment to have more fun in your pool since that is what it is for! Here are some suggestions for quick ways to spend more time in your pool with Pooltillbehör this summer. We have the best pool accessories. 

Images and videos taken underwater

Nowadays, almost everyone may take photos or videos in their pool. You can buy disposable underwater cameras for $10 at any novelty shop, or you may use your smartphone inside of a waterproof casing, which is also an option. Make unforgettable moments that will last a lifetime. Photos taken underwater are wonderfully natural and honest. They may be lighthearted and amusing or creative and solemn. For a pool party, an underwater group photo is a fantastic idea. Give your visitors copies of these as they go.

Air purifier best in test

pool accessories

It’s simple to become engrossed in pool maintenance to the point that you lose sight of the pool’s primary purpose. Maintaining balanced and clean water might occasionally seem like a full-time job. The air purifier test features many volume settings, a powerful subwoofer, and total waterproofness for rich stereo sound in clear high definition. To access your favorite playlists and effortlessly manage the volume and other features, simply link it to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Pool heater

Another most important thing in a pool is a poolvärmare and Heat gun to maintain the temperature of the water. 

Make the night bright

Tiki torches surrounding the pool or the more dramatic flames produced by gas-powered fire bowls are both quite attractive to me. Summer nights into fall may be enjoyed to the most with the help of wood-burning fire pits. LED pool light bulbs can fill your pool with color while reducing your lighting expenses by 75%. One day, 500 watt bulbs won’t be used anymore. Another common approach to give your pool area some amazing brightness is using glowing orbs. Using floating pool lights on the pool deck or in the water may add drama.

a volleyball game

Pool volleyball, one of the most underappreciated pool activities, is one of the few pool games I am aware of that will attract players of all sexes and ages to the pool. Use a beach ball instead of a pool volleyball for a game that moves more slowly. The beachball flies higher and causes less damage if it strikes someone in the face. Our 46-inch beach ball generates a lot of chuckles. Pooltillbehör including volleyball game kits are simple to assemble, or you may permanently attach the game using two ladder cup anchors on either side of the pool.

Refresh the pool furniture

Refresh the pool furniture

Adults, it’s enjoyable for us to chat when we lounge about. Make a seating area beside the pool with cozy pool furniture to keep visitors there for hours. Modern pool furniture is spacious, warm, and welcoming. Even in the harsh southern heat, materials are more resilient than ever. You might extend your pool time by updating the pool furnishings. Get a Tiki Bar if you’re organizing a pool party with a luau theme. It’s also a fantastic place to offer extra chairs or serve refreshments.

Races of Micro-RC Boats

Almost everyone can enjoy racing miniature Radio Control (RC) boats across a pool. They operate on common batteries and are inexpensive to purchase. Compared to their larger counterparts, which can quickly go to the other end of the pool, micro RC boats are more enjoyable to use in the water. With the Micro RC boats, you can set up an obstacle course in the pool or have longer races!

Place a pool heater in

Having worked in the pool industry for so long, I frequently hear positive comments from new pool owners. Even though I’m from New England, one of the most frequent complaints I hear is that “the pool is nice, but we don’t get as much usage out of it – because the water is too cold!” My best advice for making your pool more enjoyable is to have warm pool water heated with a pool heater.

Insert a pool slide

A pool slide may transform your home pool into your very own personal water park. We have nine distinct pool slides. Pool slides are extremely entertaining, so if you have one in your pool, you won’t be able to get your kids and their friends out. The first step in installing a slide is to confirm that the concrete deck space is enough. For specifications, visit our website or give us a call. We’ll be happy to calculate the footprint and assist you in selecting the finest slide for your pool and your family.


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