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How to Design Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale

Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale is a great way to display your products. You can use a custom pillow box to present your latest clothing line or even a simple designer logo. Choose a color and printing technique to make your product stand out among the crowd. You’ll also be able to find several options for packaging your items.

Build Brand Identity:

If you’re looking for a way to create a brand identity and build customer trust, custom-printed pillow boxes are an excellent choice. Not only do they help you create a more recognizable product, but they can also serve as educational tools that will turn customers into fans. You can even choose a custom window design to add to the glamor of your box.

Custom Small Pillow Boxes:

Custom Pillow Boxes Wholesale is perfect for small gift items. They are lightweight and durable. They can be designed with any type of decoration, such as a picture of your product or service. These boxes are often decorated with colored ribbons that represent your brand and company.

First, choose a design that will complement your gift items. You can use window cutouts to add a personal touch. Choose a color that matches the items inside. Similarly, if you want to use different colored paper, choose a color that compliments the product inside the box. In addition, make sure to choose a design that will make the recipient smile when they open it! It’s easy to make small custom pillow boxes with window cutouts!

Kraft Pillow Boxes:

Getting custom-made Kraft Pillow Boxes Wholesale for your products is an excellent option for retail packaging. These boxes come in all colors, sizes, and shapes to suit your needs.  You may want to consider using them for your soap packaging, sweets, gifts, and more.

When ordering custom-made pillow boxes, it is important to choose a material that is durable and recyclable. Kraft material is known for its tear-resistant properties, so a custom-made pillow box can be made from this study material. Moreover, custom-made boxes can also include a window cut to boost sales. These boxes can also be made from PVC sheets for extra protection. After all, no pillow box is complete without a window.


The packaging of pillows is an important part of the retail process and custom pillow boxes play a key role in strengthening the brand image of your company. These boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and are used by all kinds of manufacturing companies. They are perfect for packaging pillows of all types and colors and are great advertising tools. They also help to build brand loyalty. You can create your own custom pillow box design by consulting other companies’ websites or getting a good idea online.

The versatility of pillow boxes wholesale makes them popular for many uses, including gift packaging. Many products can fit inside them, including cosmetics, soaps, and chocolates. Other applications of these boxes include apparel and jewelry. They are especially useful for wedding favors. Despite their versatility, pillow boxes are easy to assemble. You can customize the design of the box to match the occasion, style, and color scheme of your products.

Eco-friendly Kraft Pillow Boxes:

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly way to package your pillows, you’ll love using Eco-friendly Kraft Pillow Boxes. These boxes come in a variety of colors and styles, including white, natural Kraft, pink, and black. They’re also customizable. Printing your company logo and other details on the box is easy, and hot-foil stamping is also an option. To add a touch of class, consider adding window patches to the boxes. You can also choose a ribbon closure or handle style.

Recyclable Kraft Pillow Boxes:

Recyclable Kraft Pillow Boxes are perfect for gift-giving purposes. They’re a great choice for a wide variety of products, from small gifts to gift cards. These paper boxes are eco-friendly and recyclable, making them the perfect choice for retail packaging. Customers can expect to receive the items they order in pristine condition. They’re also convenient to use and are environmentally friendly. So if you’re looking for the best pillow boxes wholesale on the market, consider purchasing these eco-friendly kraft boxes.

Recyclable Kraft Pillow Boxes are available in custom sizes, including the size of the product inside. They’re customizable in size and color, with an option for hot foil stamping. Window patches are available on some boxes, which allow customers to see the products from the outside of the box. Some even have handles and ribbon closures. So no matter what your product’s style or preference, a bespoke Kraft pillow box is a great choice.

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