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How To Create Your Fashion Style 

It’s not always necessary to follow the hottest trends, master tricky style techniques, or dress in the priciest clothing to look more trendy. It might actually be as simple as adding more layers to your outfit, wearing sunglasses, or loosely tucking in your shirt.


How  To Create Your Fashion Style 


1 Play with colors

Choose two or three colors to base your look on (in this case, off-white and mint green), and then base your choices on clothing, accessories, and even makeup in those colors. Any scheme you choose will make you appear polished and sophisticated.

Forget everything you’ve learned about what colors “match together” if you want your outfit to have personality. No regulations exist! To make an outfit useful and distinctive, combine neons, neutrals, pastels, and other colors.


2. Mix patterns

Mixing the pattern is the best way to create the best of the look available Ribbed knit, snakeskin print, suede, silk, leather, etc. can all be combined into one stylish shirt for men. To make the texture combining more subdued, you can choose to go big with your color selections or keep them all in the same shade.


3. Mismatch the outfit

One of the simplest ways to appear stylish is using this. Any matching two-piece outfit, such as a pantsuit, skirt suit, knit set, or even a sweatsuit, looks stylish by default. The only thing left to do is choose the appropriate shoes and other accessories.


4. Grab the casual style

The “high-low” look is achieved by wearing a chic blazer over a graphic T-shirt or solid color shirts for men with more edge and wearing jeans. No matter where you’re going, it’s an effortless “fit” that’s both casual and dressed up.


5. Check over the neutrals

Choose a color and go for it! This option helps you get dressed for the day faster because it reduces your options and allows you to coordinate your entire look without taking too much time.


6. Layer up

Go crazy and layer everything; for example, put a coat over a dress, over a mesh blouse, and with tights, The more layers you have, the less likely it is that any one piece will truly make or ruin your look. Essentially, picture yourself as a stylish onion. Bonus: This advice is useful in the cold when you should be wearing layers anyhow! 


7. Wear a glass

It’s probably a pair of sunglasses if you put on an ensemble and feel like something is lacking that you can’t quite place. Even better if they match the rest of your outfit, like this pair your outfit with stylish glass 


8. Don’t tuck it all

Grab the middle front piece of whatever you’re wearing—a sweater, a tank top, or a collared silk shirt—and loosely tuck it in. You’ll notice an immediate improvement in your style. The tuck works best with as little effort as possible. 


9. Style up with footwear

Choose the opposite of your typical footwear preference. Swap your sneakers for high heels, your sandals for sneakers, and your stilettos for flat boots. It is more correct the more it feels wrong. On this one, believe me.


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