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How Does The Falling Debris Affect Construction Workers?

The construction industry hides many risks that can affect the workers while working on the site. In this instance, we can tag the industry as the hazardous one. It is estimated that the injuries and fatalities are way more than in any other industry. The construction work is quite rigorous and needs a lot of human effort. So, it is obvious, that the risks move along with it. However, by taking some safety precautions, we can minimize the risk.

Among many other factors that may cause injuries, falling debris is one of them. The falling debris may be of many kinds depending on the nature of the construction job. Construction workers and heavy equipment supplier must ensure safety precautions on the site and in the equipment.

In this article, we are going to discuss very common injuries that falling debris can cause.

1. Fractures

This is a very common injury that happens on the construction site due to the falling debris. The breakage of bones, muscle inflation, and bone fractures occur when a heavy object falls on the person working under the load. Only a heavy object doesn’t cause this injury. Sometimes, even a small object may fall at full speed and hit a person.
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OSHA urges to take care while working on the site. Do not stand or pass by the equipment that is carrying the load. The operator is unable to visualize the overall sight around the machine. So, you need to avoid passing by them.

2. Neck and Back hurts

The neck or back injury may occur when the edge of an object falling from height hit the worker. The object may be small but due to falling from a height, it will hit them harder. The neck sprain and back hurt are very common that workers neglect often.

Managers should implement safety precautions on site with hook and crook and keep the workers safe from these injuries.

3. Paralysis or permanent disability

This is a common yet saddening incident that occurs due to falling debris. When a particular body part is hit by a falling object, it may cause permanent disability to the person. It is very heart-wrenching to see the workers getting an intense injury.  The limbs may get damaged or half of the body part may get paralyzed if the object hit the person in a particular manner.

4. Brain injuries

The most important part of the body, the brain, may also get injured if the falling object hit directly to it. The person can lose consciousness on the spot whereas, in severe conditions, they might lose memory or part of the brain as well.

To avoid such conditions, the worker must wear a helmet while working on this kind of project.


Falling debris is one of the many reasons that cause severe injuries to workers. The falling debris may be of different kinds depending on the construction type. A Heavy equipment supplier and the construction contractor should provide the necessary precaution equipment to the worker and equipment operator, to avoid such injuries. In this article, we have discussed the types of injuries that may be caused by falling debris.

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