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Guidelines for Bhutanese students who want to study in Australia


Australia is a popular holiday destination and can be reached from Bhutan for a variety of reasons, but did you know that it is also one of the most sought-after places in the world to study? Here are a few of the primary arguments in favor of studying in Australia. Cities in Australia are attractive and safe for overseas students. Additionally, numerous career opportunities are accessible to students both during and after their education, and there are thousands of scholarships available. Firstly, before deciding to go abroad the important thing is that you need to research more. And secondly, you need to contact an experienced consultant who will help you out in deep detail. Because, they will suggest to you the best course and college. Hire the best Overseas Education Consultant in Bhutan and get detailed information about the courses and application process. 

Here are some best universities in Australia such as:

  1.       University of Melbourne
  2.       University of Sydney
  3.       University of Queensland
  4.       Monash University
  5.       University of Adelaide
  6.       Australian National University
  7.       University of New South Wales
  8.       Deakin University
  9.       Griffith University
  10.       University of Technology Sydney

Academic requirements for Bhutanese students to study in Australia

Depending on the degree you pick and the university you are applying to, different academic requirements must be met in order to Study in Australia for Bhutanese. Basically, there are different access requirements in different courses or universities. To go abroad you have to meet the minimum bands in the English entrance test.  These are academic requirements.

  •  Cost to study: Since financial planning should be a top priority for every student who plans to study abroad. Numerous factors can be taken into account in order to provide an answer to the obvious question, “How much does it cost to study in Australia for Bhutanese students?”. Therefore, the cost is not fixed. Every course and university defined its own tuition fee.  
  •  Cost of living: You have to show some amount of funds in your account.
  •  Lifestyle: Imagine having time between courses to go for a walk in the forest or a dip at the beach. The majority of rural communities are nevertheless fairly cosmopolitan and offer similar leisure opportunities to those found in the city. You may be sure to find anything you need in regional cities because they offer the same amenities and services as big cities (including health care, theaters, sporting arenas, pubs, cafés, bars, and shopping).

Application Process for Bhutanese:

  1.       Choose the course
  2.       Select university or college
  3.       Apply for the selected course
  4.       Check the criteria for eligibility
  5.       Confirmation the enroll
  6.       Apply for the Student Visa
  7.       Receive visa after confirmation

Where to study in Australia from Bhutan?

  •         Sydney
  •         Perth
  •         Melbourne
  •         Adelaide
  •         Brisbane
  •         Gold Coast

The benefits of studying in Australia are-

  • Explore the world: When you study in Australia then you have a good opportunity to explore the neighboring countries also.  
  • Learn new culture: By studying abroad you will learn about new cultures and perspectives.
  • Build confidence: It’s a great opportunity to develop your confidence to go to another country. You can improve your- leadership, communication skills, and cross-awareness.
  • Get a scholarship in Australia: This is one of the important benefits for Bhutanese students because not everyone can afford to go to Australia for their studies. So, many universities provide scholarships for students.
  • Enhance your network: Studying abroad helps you in making new relationships with other countries. Some contacts may even result in job offers, business partners, internships, and other career prospects.
  • Learn a new language: You can develop language skills that impact your positive skills. Also, learning a different language helps in your future when you are working at an organization.


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