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Granite countertops: Installation Mistakes and solution

Granite material is durable under most circumstances and will last for several years. You cannot match Granite countertops for their unparalleled beauty; other countertop materials can compete with granite. However, the manufacturer uses natural products for Granite tops with a timeless look and classic appeal. Moreover, focus on granite countertops installed price.

The following are some granite top installation mistakes to watch out for:

Going Too Thick

You cannot glue granite slabs together. Therefore, your granite slabs will last several years; the adhesives cannot offer the same durability.

So, if you have chosen a granite slab that is 1.5 inches thick, you may consider gluing two slabs together to make the desired look. Do not! The glue will start weakening, and the slabs will have gaps, leading to irreparable damage.

Cracking During Installation

Another possible problem you may notice during or after granite countertops installation is some cracks on your slab. However, it can occur on any part; the most suffered area during a countertop installation is around the sink. For some homeowners, it is not a significant issue; for others, it is.

If your granite installation results in cracks on your slab, immediately notify your countertop installer. However, your immediate decision will reduce the granite countertops installed price. Moreover, these countertops installation will take care of it in most instances without additional cost.

Harsh Chemicals Can Erode Sealer And Stains

For daily cleaning, can you keep it simple? Cleaning soap and warm water are to clean your granite tops. If you buy or use a commercial cleaner, read the ingredients listed and pay attention to the labels’ warnings and cautions. Look for cleaners explicitly designed for countertops, free of ammonia and bleach.

Granite countertops installed price with specially designed cleaners may cost a little more than general cleaners. However, they go a long way to helping preserve your granite material countertops installation. Moreover, this installation is essential for lighter color granite tops. Therefore, if not properly sealed, the stone is susceptible to stains that are impossible to remove.

Not Paying Attention to the Edges

It is common for homeowners to select an unsuitable countertop edge. However, it is an important choice, especially if you have small kids. Therefore, deciding on the countertop’s edging is best before the installation. Removing and reinstalling the slabs is the only way to change the boundary once installed.

Separating seam joints

If you notice the granite countertops moving and the joints separating after applying pressure, the adhesive may have weakened. However, hire a professional technician to make the proper adjustments to the countertops. Though the granite countertop price will get high with professionals, it is essential. However, the expert should remove the existing adhesive and replace it with a better, more durable countertop option.

Avoid doing the replacement yourself, as you risk causing more harm than was originally there.

Using a Top-Mounted Sink

If you choose to go with granite kitchen countertops, take advantage of every benefit the material offers. Moreover, it includes its ability to support under-mounted sinks. At the same time, sinks installed at lower levels make a sleek and clean appearance. Furthermore, it makes everyday cleaning tasks more accessible as you can sweep spills and dirt directly into it.

However, it is difficult for homeowners who select a top-mounted sink to clean the space daily, harboring bacteria and germs. Furthermore, it will reduce the beauty of the natural stone as a large section hides under the sink.

Additional Maintenance Tips:

Once your granite top installation is complete, choose commercial cleaning supplies that are safe for natural stones. However, this granite countertops installed price will ensure they remain in good condition. Steer clear of surface cleaners used on other surfaces as they can damage the pebble and its sealant. A few essential things to watch out for in durable countertops are:

  1. Ammonia
  2. Glass cleaners
  3. Tile cleaners
  4. Vinegar
  5. Bleach
  6. Anything with strong alkalis or acids

Most of these substances are rough and acidic, destroying the sealant and countertop with constant exposure. However, it will make your granite countertop more susceptible to staining.

Your best method is to use warm water with mild dish soap and a washcloth to wipe the soap and water away once done.

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