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Explaining The Best Vastu for Industries

What is Vastu? Practitioners of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra sometimes tell people that Vastu is an art of architecture and design that creates harmonious, healthy environments that promote success.

Vastu Shastra is a tested & proven science, which guides about the life energies for various directions. It helps us align our buildings, spaces etc. in accordance with the rules of nature.

The practice takes into account the movement of cosmic forces and the placement of humans, objects & activities as per laws of nature to create balance between man and nature. For example, a building’s south-east direction has the fire elements and must be utilized for fire or heating related activities whereas the north side has water element, so must be used for water activities like borewell etc.

What is the best Vastu for your industry?

Vastu is an ancient Indian system that is absolutely scientific and based on the principles of architecture. It has been around for thousands of years and was used to construct sacred buildings. Today, it is often used in homes and offices. It can also be applied to industries, but with proper knowledge of the subject, and customized to fit the needs of the industry.

Vastu for industry has two main aspects: one is the practicality & requirements of the industry, second is the category of products or services.

  1. Practicality and industry requirements need to be taken care while implementing Vastu concepts. For example – An automobile industry may have a certain set of regulations like they would not want anything that involves movement such as a motor or flight path near the entrance since it will increase the risk of injuries during production. A pharmaceutical industry would need a complete process line running without any interruption or open to air areas.
  2. The category of kind of products or services is equally important to align the space as per Vastu Shastra. For example, a factory whose main focus is fashion related products must utilize the related directions. Its main aim should be to attract the customers for its products. Also, fame is another part which needs to be taken care of here for the brand’s popularity. Not only this, a fashion industry would want a Vastu expert to design plans for them to ensure the best location for their products display, showrooms, branding etc. to help them create the top position in their segment.

How can you use Vastu to grow your business?

Vastu is a scientific practice that is often used to help with spiritual and physical aspects of life. It is most commonly practiced nowadays in all new constructions, be it a home, working space, or a commercial building. Just by following simple and scientific Vastu concepts to align activities, objects & placements in the related directions, Vastu can help by maximizing success, wealth & prosperity for you.

We must use the science of Vastu in planning the internal arrangement of factory or office. We can make the best utilization of the available space as per Vastu. Not only this, the location of selling goods, machinery, raw material, utilities, packing material, office etc. should be mandatorily planned as per Vastu. This can actually help the business to grow exponentially.

What are the steps to create a space based on the best Vastu for your industry?

In order to have your business run efficiently and correctly, you must design & tune your work space for success. The first step of course is finding the best Vastu consultation customized for your needs. This will ensure that positive energy flows around you & into your business.

-The floor plan, including entrance, reception, pantry, toilets, utilities etc. must be planned as per Vastu.

The placement of major machineries, raw materials and finishes goods should be placed in directions appropriate for them. Machinery form the core of any industry and must be aligned to the Vastu guidelines by all means.

-The most important thing is to ensure all manpower seating is aligned in full compliance to Vastu. The seating should as per their work profile, matching the attributes of that particular direction.

– Interiors must follow Vastu principles, like colour schemes, branding locations, document placements etc.

– Also, the location for planning business strategies, accounts, owner sitting, etc. must be complied to Vastu for industry.

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