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Everything you need to know about wood pillars – Woodsala

Wood is a natural insulator and is a great choice in case you are someone who loves to be around nature. The wood when used in doing the interiors of any house adds a vintage and elegant charm to it. When talking about wood and its use in doing the interiors of your house, how can we miss talking about wood pillars? These pillars are not seen in every Indian household but those who have them reflect their taste and love for nature and ancient architecture. The sophisticated and beautifully carved antique pillars are highly demanded for their decorative value and uniqueness. If these pillars are built using high-quality wood, they hold onto their true shape.

Benefits of having wooden pillars in your house

Since space is always a constraint in modern houses, many homeowners make use of wood pillars. Let us look at some of the benefits of using a wood pillar.

  • It consumes less space and is a great way to introduce smart decorative items in the interiors.
  • It is a decorative and functional piece of furniture in itself.
  • These pillars can be easily accommodated anywhere you wish and can even hold various objects.
  • These pillars help in avoiding clutter and add an attractive look to the room.
  • The antique wood pillars can be used for keeping light lamps, vases, and flower pots.
  • The pillars that stand on the ground and go up to the ceiling can be used to give your living room and other areas of the house a separate look.

How can you boost the charm of a wooden pillar?

Given below are some ways that can help you to boost the charm and grace of a wooden pillar.

  1. You can place a fruit bowl on a wooden pillar in case the pillar has been placed in the living room.
  2. You can even place a small planter on the top of the pillar with the branches of the planter hanging on all the sides.
  3. Wrapping a garland of fresh flowers or lights around the wooden pillar looks magical, especially, during the festive season. This hack adds a striking appeal to the pillars if the pillar is placed at the base of a staircase or in the foyer.
  4. In case you have two pillars on each side of the bed, you can use them as organizers or side tables. You can place things like a small bottle of water, reading glasses, or your phone charger over it. You can even keep a few handy snacks that you munch during the nighttime, medicines, books, or your family photos here.
  5. In case the pillars are placed near the main entrance, you can put elegant vases, sculptures, or pots over them. In case you wish to add an attractive look to your foyer, you can put thick candles or small collectibles.

Different types of wooden pillars for your home

The best thing about wooden furniture is that it comes in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Here are the different types of wooden pillars for your home.

  • Simple and rustic wooden pillar- You can go for a simple and elegant pillar that has been handcrafted from solid wood and has been polished well. This pillar gives a vintage-style look to your room. You can easily place this pillar in one corner of the room or even go for a set of two and arrange them nicely near the main entrance of your house. It is a sturdy and durable option to pick.
  • Dark and traditional pillar- In case you are looking for a traditional pillar, you can go for the one that is robust, solid, curved, and has an ethnic vibe. You can even place this temple on either side of your prayer room door to add a magical charm to it. If these are placed at the main gate, you can hang bags and umbrellas here. It can also be kept in the corner of your bedroom to hang clothes and hats.
  • Rustic and grey-white pillar- This stylish pillar goes well with contemporary rooms. In case you wish to add value to the décor scheme of your house, you can pick up a grey-white pillar. This pillar is perfect for your living room, dining bedroom, and even the study room. You can easily place this pillar against both light and dark walls because of its color.


Wood pillars help you save a lot of floor area and allow you to store things that otherwise need a separate space to be kept. You need to decide the right location for your wooden pillars so that you can make the most of it along with adding aesthetic value to that space. Just keep the dimensions of the room in your mind. You can even add character and style to the room by placing wooden pillars.

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