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Educational Lab Equipment Manufacturer in Africa Region

Educational lab equipment supplier in South Africa

Today’s learning is more practical based all around the world. Schools, colleges and higher educational institutions are keen for their students to get more real-life-based learning. Real-life-based learning requires specific tools and equipment which give students insight into how things happen in the real world. The world, including the Africa Region, is experiencing a growing need for educational lab equipment. Schools and universities struggle to keep up with the demand for more technology-based learning. They need educational lab equipment specially designed to help students learn more effectively and efficiently. 

What Is Educational Lab Equipment?

Educational/School lab equipment is a valuable resource for teachers and students. It helps students learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The benefits of educational lab equipment are numerous. 

  • It helps students learn scientific concepts in a hands-on way. 
  • It also allows them to practice skills they will need in the workforce. 
  • It gives them an insight into the different topics. 
  • Finally, it teaches classes in different areas of STEM, such as biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.

Atico Export is an exceptional educational lab equipment supplier in the market that 100% ensures to provide schools with an unmatchable school science equipment range. 

Educational Lab Equipment Suppliers


Atico Export is heading as the industry’s outstanding educational lab equipment supplier. The role of educational lab equipment suppliers is gaining popularity by playing an essential role in providing educators with the tools they need to teach effectively. 

We offer the broadest range of educational lab equipment. Our range of equipment is ready for sale at the most competitive rates. Here is an overview of the school lab equipment manufactured and supplied by us in this category.

School Lab Equipment 

School lab equipment is essential for teaching students about science and mathematics. These labs can help students learn about the scientific principles behind experiments and develop problem-solving skills. School lab equipment allows students to expand their knowledge of real-world situations. 

There are many lab equipment types, and selecting the right items for your school is essential. Contact school science lab equipment suppliers to find the best equipment for your classroom. Here are the categories of science lab equipment for the schools. 

Science Lab Equipment List For School

A science lab is a specifically designed platform where students learn about science. To understand science, students need to experiment. To experiment, they need equipment. Here is a list of the essential equipment for a science lab: 

  • Biology Lab Equipment

Schools need biology lab equipment to help students learn about the natural world and the role that organisms play in it. Some of the most commonly used biology lab equipment are an incubator, microscopes, stirrers, hot plates, precision balances, test kits, pH meters, etc.

  • Physics Lab Equipment

One of the purposes of Physics lab equipment is to help students learn about the principles of physics. It includes understanding how physical objects behave, understanding forces and motion, and understanding energy. Educational lab equipment manufacturer supply the following and many more equipment: voltmeter, multimeter, rheostat, resistor, galvanometer, etc. 

  • Chemistry Lab Equipment

To teach students about the purpose of chemistry, schools need to have lab equipment that is both reliable and accurate. It is where chemistry lab equipment such as beakers, flasks, and Bunsen burners come in. All this equipment helps students learn about the properties of different substances, how to make chemical reactions happen, and how to measure the results. When learnt how to use the equipment correctly, the lab equipment can provide students with a strong foundation for their chemistry classes.

  • Mathematics Lab Kit

The specially designed Mathematics Lab Kit helps teachers teach mathematics fun and engaging. It contains puzzles, games, activities and much more to make mathematics an intriguing subject for kids.

  • Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment

This branch of engineering requires intensive use of tools and equipment for proper understanding. In a school setting, Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment serves a variety of purposes. The most common use is for testing and measuring the properties of materials. Other uses include:

  • Designing and testing machines.
  • Studying the effects of forces and motions on objects.
  • Designing and constructing prototypes.

With so many uses, it’s essential to ensure that the mechanical engineering lab equipment is reliable and accurate. School science lab equipment suppliers provide that schools that want to build a better future for their students have the best equipment. 

Laboratory Glassware 

Laboratory glassware is a crucial component of school lab equipment. The educational lab equipment suppliers provide complete laboratory glassware. 

All science subjects need laboratory glassware for various experiments. The laboratory glassware helps to conduct scientific experiments, and they are also used to teach students about scientific principles. The glassware is of high-quality glass, which makes them durable. 

School Science Lab Equipment Suppliers

School science labs need a variety of lab equipment to conduct scientific experiments. Atico Export is one of the African region’s most reputed school science lab equipment suppliers. 

When you trust your school science lab equipment supplier, you get the following benefits:

  • Timely and prompt deliveries
  • Schools will get lab equipment that is properly calibrated and in working condition. 
  • Furthermore, complete support during installation and upkeep. 
  • Complete support during the purchasing process. 
  • Schools can ensure that their science labs are running smoothly by working with us.

Get in touch with us today and give your school labs the uplift that transforms learning 360 degrees. 

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