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Difference Between Big Data and Apache Hadoop


Hadoop refers to an open-source framework that is made use of for storing & processing big data. Users can share out all the data away in an inexpensive commodity. On the other hand, it has distributed files where it enables all the processing. There are many institutions where you will provide Big Data Hadoop Online Training to boost up your knowledge & help you to make a career better in this field. On the other, by using open-source technology on inexpensive servers. Similarly, it can focus on the right customer segments, so that they become easy to fix, helps in optimizing the floor operations, provides relevant results.

Let’s analyze further the difference between Hadoop & big data

Apache Hadoop v/s Big Data

Primary comparison

  • Big Data refers to a large set of data, by processing the applications. Whereas Apache Hadoop refers to software that is an open-source framework that helps in utilizing a large set of data.
  • Big Data refers to systemically manageable that handles on a large scale. Whereas Apache Hadoop refers to distribution across the clusters of the servers instead of using a single machine.
  • Big Data refers to the procedure of scanning & sending out raw data. Whereas Apache Hadoop refers to the processing architecture that is desirable to handle all the problems of big data.
  • Big Data defines the set of the data. Whereas Apache Hadoop defines the set of the data that is being set away & goes ahead.

Comparison in different aspects 

  • In Big Data that is difficult to store a large set of data, because it consists of all forms of data. Whereas Apache It refers to Distributed File System which allows you to store a different variety of data.
  • In Big Data it is harder to access. Whereas Apache Hadoop is easily accessible & helps in processing the data faster.
  • Big Data is a collection of assets that is quite ambiguous. Whereas Apache Hadoop achieves a set of goals & objectives to deal with the collection of the assets.
  • Big Data is usually made use of for Weather forecasting, prevention of cyberattacks, Research & Science. Whereas Apache Hadoop is old to handle the data easily & helps in optimizing the business processes.
  • In Big Data the management is not so easy to manage because of the amount, quantity, volume, etc. Whereas in Apache Hadoop the management is easy as it uses a tool or program which can be programme.
  • In Big Data the challengeable thing is that they have to secure their big data, storing the data in huge volume is very challenging for them. Whereas Apache they don’t require any kinds of problems that are already in  Big Data.
  • Many companies are using Apache Hadoop like IBM, AOL, Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. Whereas Big Data is being made of by using Facebook, which generates almost 500TB every day & the airline industry is generating almost 10 TB of the data every half an hour daily.
  • Big Data developers usually develop applications in Pig, Hive, Spark, Map Reduce, etc. Whereas Hadoop developers are mainly responsible for the coding that helps in processing the data.
  • Hadoop is a kind of framework that handles all types of a large amount of volume. Whereas Big Data is just for large data that is in the form of structural & unstructured form.
  • In Apache Hadoop, it makes the process of Big Data more meaningful. Whereas Big Data has no value unless it can make use of creating some profit after processing the data.

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In the upcoming days, Hadoop has made a place in the computing industry. Because of the possibility of data analytics. Most of the people provide in-built data connectors than any other manageable solution that enables you to build stemless data between Hadoop & any other file format, database system. So, by wasting your time enrol your career in Big Data Hadoop Training in Delhi by giving them time to the best institutions to brighten your career.  By selecting the best institutions, you will a good opportunity in a company to represent yourself with good incentives.

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