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Best Places in Your Home to Install LED Strip Lights

Magik LED Strip Lights

A house with an enhanced decor, welcoming ambiance, and elegant lighting is worth calling a home. There are many ways to do so, and one of the most popular choices after designing your interior and exterior is lighting. The lighting is used to make your home’s beauty come more vividly and with elegance. LED lights are the best choice to light up your home for lighting purposes.

LED lights are the most popular lights when it comes to home decoration. LED lights are used to give your home creative lights at your pace. Now there are many types of decorative LED lights that are used in homes, but one which comes out to be the most common and popular choice is LED strip lights for homes.

What Are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are like strips, a super-thin body that is mounted with small LED lights on a circuit board. LED strip lights operate on DC power which can also work on low voltages. These are the thin and long strips that emit LED light which is accent lighting.

Strip lights are popular because of their fixed and variable color choice. Some other factors are long life, less emission of heat, money-saving, and energy-efficient capability, just like any other LED light. They generally came in long reels, which can be cut down as per need.

Strip LED lights have two types of lighting, Fixed and Variable.

● Fixed lighting

The fixed lighting strip LED light emits only one kind of color. The color of the strip can be any, but generally, it is white.

● Variable lighting

Variable lighting strip LED lights emit different kinds of lights, which generally include Red, blue, green, and violet.

Because of their Versatile application, they can be used in many places in your home. Here are the 4 spaces in your home where they give them the best looks.

Where Should You Apply LED Strip Lights?

Before going into detail about where to apply LED strip lights, the most important thing is to know that LED strip lights are not used as a means to light up the hols room. LED strip light is an accent lighting type which means it is just placed to give the room an elegant look.

Here are some places to install LED strip lights

● Roof Deck

Roof decks are the most popular space where you can use LED strip lights. A roof deck is an exterior space of your home where on the floors, you can create links with LED strip lights which makes the ground visible in the coolest way. They are used on the walkways of the floor.

● Kitchen

Most modern kitchens have cabinets where you can use strip lights, you can apply them under cabinets which are called under cabinet lighting, or you can use them on the above cabinet, which is called above cabinet lighting.

● Bathroom

Bathrooms have any place where the LED strip lights will suit the best, but it depends highly on your bathroom design. The most common place, which is also common in bathrooms, is the mirror. You can fit the LED strip lights by bending them on the corners of the mirror.

● Living Room

In the living room, you can apply the strip lights on your ceilings. Most homes have a false ceiling or a pop ceiling which is the perfect place to put the strip lights by bending them as per requirements.


Decorative LED lighting is one of the best ways you can choose to decorate your home. LED lights can easily give your home an elegant look. The most common LED light which is used to do so is LED strip lights.

LED strip lights can be used in many different spaces in your home. The LED strips come in many elements so that you can grab whatever vibes you want to create in your bedrooms, living room, or any other space in your home. The article walks through all the best possible places where you can use LED strip lights.

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