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Bebem Diapers – The Best Baby Care Wipes in Port Harcourt

Bebem baby diapers are highly absorbent, safe, and comfortable for your child. These bebem diapers feature a dual grip and anatomical design that conforms perfectly to the shape of your baby’s body. They provide excellent protection from leakage and hives, and the soft and stretchy outer cover is perfect for daily use. You can buy Bebem diapers in Port Harcourt from PackNPay, a local retail store.

A Turkish distributor of international toiletry and cosmetic brands, Pearl International, has recently launched Bebem baby and adult diapers. The company recently announced that they were the sole distributor of the Bebem and Evony brands in Turkey. Bebem and Evony products are made in Turkey by Hayat Kimya San, which was present at the launching ceremony. Bebem CEO, Serhat Aydin, and Hayat Kimya San export sales head Yasmin Secil Sair, attended the event.

The waterproof covers, available in various sizes

The brand’s products are made from sustainable materials and feature an adorable pattern. These diapers are completely odorless and contain no latex or chlorine. The waterproof covers, available in various sizes, make it easy for parents to place their babies in these diapers. And the best part is that they’re delivered right to your door on a recurring basis. You can even purchase them in bulk and save more money! So be sure to order a pack of Bebem diapers to use on your child!

bebem diaper

When choosing diapers for your baby, make sure to consider absorbency, ventilation, and fit. Remember that your baby is not active and is most likely to be breastfeeding or sleeping during the first couple of weeks. You need to change the diaper at least three times a day, or after each time your baby defecates. So the fit and size of the diaper should be compatible with your child’s growth. There are also many colors, designs, and styles available.

Baby Diapers

Choose overnight diapers that fit your child comfortably. Boys and girls will urinate in different places. Choose a size that fits properly; too large or too small diapers may leak more throughout the night. Too tight diapers can also cause discomfort for your child, so read reviews to determine the size you should purchase. For overnight diapers, choose a size that fits snugly on your baby’s body. Alternatively, buy diapers that are sized based on the baby’s weight.

Bebem Diapers – A Review of the Best Baby Wipes

Bebem diapers are known for their excellent absorbency and fit. Their anatomical shape and reliable fastener prevent leaks and irritation while keeping the baby’s bottom soft and dry. And unlike conventional cloth diapers, they don’t irritate the skin of your baby. Bebem diapers are designed to fit like a glove. You won’t have to worry about a fussy fit, either.

The inner lining of Bebem diapers is made of a special fabric that keeps your child dry and free from leaks. Its hot-melt adhesive holds together the materials of the diaper and prevents any leaking. You can apply the adhesive in spray or multi-line form. The outer layer of the diaper is made of a cotton material that is water-resistant. Therefore, it is a great choice for babies who are environmentally conscious.

Turkish Compony

Pearl International, an international cosmetic and toiletry distributor, is the exclusive distributor of Bebem diapers in Turkey. Pearl has been appointed as the sole distributor for Bebem diapers by the Turkish company Hayat Kimya San. Both Serhat Aydin and Yasmin SecilSair attended the launching ceremony and spoke about the benefits of Bebem diapers for the Turkish market. These companies are known for promoting natural baby care and products.

Another brand worth mentioning is Cloth Diapers. These cloth diapers have cute prints and are the most absorbent we’ve seen in our tests. It’s a little on the pricey side, but they do fit most newborns and babies 10 pounds and up. For overnight use, they come in an overnight version. Despite the price tag, they performed better than the eco-brands. But you’ll still need to get a waterproof cover to protect the diaper.

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Bebem diapers are that they come in various sizes.

Another great thing about Bebem diapers is that they come in various sizes. The sizes are determined by weight. Newborn babies start out in the newborn size and spend the majority of their diapering days in size four. But as babies grow at different rates, they cycle through sizes 1, 2, and three. If you’re worried about the size chart, don’t fret – you’ll eventually become a diaper expert. So, don’t worry, be a bebem diaper lover! You’ll thank yourself later!


Another great feature of Bebem diapers is their absorbency. These diapers are designed for up to twelve hours of protection. They feature a patented leak guard, double wetness indicator, and SnugFit waistband. Even better, they’re hypoallergenic. These diapers fit infants weighing 16 pounds and up. The only downside to these diapers is that they can be slightly more expensive upfront. However, they save you money in the long run.

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