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Barcelona: Explore the Best of the City

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It is an incredibly autonomous region that has often tried to split from Spain. It is possible to hear Catalan in the streets and you’ll see the work.  Explore iconic locals such as Miro or Gaudi in the museums as well as on the Passeig de Gracia. Visit barcelona at low price Lowest Flight Fares offers Cheap Flights from Redmond to Barcelona.

I must see everything as quickly as possible mentality. While Barca is full of things to do and explore. Barca gives an unmistakable sense of calm to those who travel through.

Best Beaches

Zona de Banys del Forum

Are you a beach lover but don’t like the sand?. Rocky outcrops and floating ponds an area of ocean into a huge-scale outdoor pool and wakeboarding area. The facility is only accessible in the summer months, with bathrooms and changing rooms accessible from the 1st of June. For June and the final two weeks in September the facility is open during weekends. In summer and in August as well as during the initial two weeks of September It’s open all day.

Canet de Mar

Take a step out from the train station, 40 kilometers to the northeast of Barcelona. The further north you go more wild it becomes. The sand is awash with rocks, which often shelter fishermen. Out of the sand along with robust plants such as sea fennel, yellow horned-poppy and the spiky American aloe.

In the vicinity of Canet as the rough beach path expands into an esplanade. And basketball hoops all placed against the background of sand that is wide and sweeping.


As the train arrives at Montgat Nord station, a only 20 minutes north from Placa Catalunya, you’ll feel like you’re able to leap from the platform directly onto the white sand that is squishy and soft. You can exit the station in the traditional route.

There’s stairs to the right as well as a ramp on the left, and finally there’s thirty meters of white sand in between the shore and you. One of Montgat’s top services is Escola De Mar where you can hire paddleboards, sailboats and surfboards.

Best Museums

CaixaForum Barcelona

CaixaForum is a bizarre combination of a warehouse with an old castle, whose architect, Josep Puig Cadafalch was (alongside Gaudi) a maestro of Catalan Modernism. The building was initially designed to serve as a factory for textiles for Casimir Casiramona. The structure was both a space for use as well as a very decorative one.

CaixaForum can be described as a long-term venue for temporary exhibits, whose main attraction is the huge seasonally-themed shows borrowed from museums elsewhere. In 2017 300 Andy Warhols were installed. in the spring of 2018 the British Museum loaned its Ancient Greek artifacts.

Fundacio Joan Miro

It requires a certain kind of space in order to accommodate Miro, an artist whose work ranges from a simple white canvas only a single black line through massive, primary-colored, robot-like works. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Miro worked with his partner designer Josep Lluis Sert to design the building. It’s minimalist and modern by Barcelona’s standards, but certainly not La Sagrada Familia.

The most exciting thing is knowing that you’re viewing Miro’s art precisely how he intended it. Whatever your feelings about Miro his work, the exhibit is vibrant and lively, and free of the stale appearance that art museums tend to draw attention to.

Museu Maritim

Near the beginning at the end of La Rambla, Drassanes metro station is a hint of the city’s maritime history. Drassanes refers to a shipyard, however it was the only one that specialized in making galleys, which were warships that were rowed by a group of sailors using the length of poles for oars. Today, Barcelona’s magnificent galley maker is now a maritime museum that celebrates everything ship was built upon, however from the safety of ground.

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Best Shooping Places

La Nostra Ciutat

One of the main reasons to visit is due to the incredible art prints.

These are bright, fun images of Barcelona like Daniella Ferretti’s intricate facades of Modernist structures or Idmary Hernandez’s eccentric neighborhood maps. Also, there’s accessories like slogan bags, jewelry toys, as well as tech-related accessories.


Tiny Cottons, founded in Barcelona in 2012, is a kid’s boutique that offers a chic home collection of top-quality clothes (much of it made from pima cotton). It’s clothes that let children play in a safe contemporary, energetic, and vibrant way. According to its tagline, Tiny Cottons is the brand that “grandparents choose for quality, parents for design, and kids for comfort and fun.” It’s likely that you’ll find three generations of shoppers shopping side-by-side.


Fantastik Bazar, an independent Knick-knack shop located in Raval is brimming with accessories that the owner Juanra Esteban has carted back from Mexico, India, Japan as well as Senegal. The shop is a wild riot of colors and chaos every curveball item grabbing your interest.

A squeaky robotic pig that can be turned into a wind-up the lamp of a pineapple. And a Virgin who carries holy water an oversized bicycle reflector designed as a head of a cat, and an ice hockey tabletop set among the items. You aren’t looking for but be compelled to buy. Each item is identified with the country of its origin.

Read this latest article about Canada.

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